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Hooking Up While Knocked Up

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Is it okay to do the deed -- or will it hurt the baby in some way? An OB/GYN has the deets.

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Guest blogger Elizabeth Kuster: Even though your stomach's bigger than a basketball, your husband's giving you that come-hither look. You're kind of in the mood yourself (or as much in the mood as a woman whose stomach's bigger than a basketball can be, anyhow).

How far into a pregnancy is it okay to have sex? Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., gynecologist and author of What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex, offers the following facts:

Fact #1: Unless your water's broken already or you're battling pre-term labor, you can have sex until the baby's ready to come out. (It's probably best not to try for a quickie in the delivery room, though -- you might poke the kid's eye out. Har har.)

Fact #2: Unless your man has an STD, it's fine for him to ejaculate inside you. (The baby will be none the wiser, trust us.)

Fact #3: Sex can send you into labor. (Beats drinking castor oil, we say.)

Fact #4: Men sometimes fear that their penis will bang against the baby's head and give the baby brain damage. (Aren't men the cutest?) "I always tell them, 'You're not that big. Nobody's that big or that hard,'" says Hutcherson.

Fact #5: You should opt for positions wherein your man's body weight isn't on your belly. "Once a patient gets into her second trimester and her uterus extends up above her pubic bone, I tell her that, for comfort reasons, it's best not to have full pressure on her abdomen during sex," notes Dr. Hutcherson.

Did you enjoy pregnancy sex?

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Marquita January 25, 2009, 10:18 AM

The day of my due date, I had a check-up and was told that I was only 1 cm. So, my bf and I asked what should we do to speed up the process? She suggested that we had unprotected sex and let know ejaculate in me. When we went home, we did what the doctor ordered and 8pm that night I went into labor, and 4:31am, my son was born.

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