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Social Services Allow Octuplets in Home?

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It's hard to even visualize 17 people living a two bedroom house, so we called Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), to find out if this is even legal!

kids and house

Dr. Sophy tells us "The Department of Children and Family Services has to look at every family situation keeping a safety and risk perspective -- as long as the kids are safe then it is OK, unless there is a risk for abuse or neglect including physical, emotional, medical and or educational."

Dr. Sophy shared with us "We keep a close eye on multiple births that are in the news, because there is a chance we will be called to go in and assess the situation. Anyone can call the hotline and that's when we go in as a team with standardized tools to assess the safety and risk of the children. We don't go in there to dismantle the family, but we go in there to support the family. We use a strength-based model and set them up to succeed so we aren't back out there in two months."

After talking to Dr. Sophy, we learned there's no set of rules in California regarding the number of children who can sleep in one bed or number of people in a house, BUT they all must be physically and medically safe.

How do you feel about 17 people living in one house?

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d.m February 10, 2009, 3:45 PM

This is a women who should be locked up
It is disturbing to think the public should pay anything for her kids, and if she can not support them, they should be taken away until she can take care of them on her own,any book deal or movie monies should go to pay for all medical bills, food stamps,workers comp and other services for this.I sure hope people or companies do not reward this by sending free stuff. Nice she thinks she has the option of going back to school with 14 kids.They need to investigate the workers comp money for a bad back? that can cary 8 kids? She clearly has mental problems.Her choices are clearly not that of a sane person.CPS needs to protect those kids.
If she has a moment of sanity please let those babies be adopted out to people who can care for them and give them the love, attention and stability
they need if you have any real love for them.

tamara February 19, 2009, 6:25 PM

This woman is very sick. From what I hear the sperm donor was under the impression that she was only going to have one and now he has 14 children out there with no daddy and no money. These babies are not going to have the life they deserve. Caring for 1 baby is hard but 8 with six others that need love and attention is impossible! I also heard that she is such a good mom that she was seen shopping at Nordstroms for $14.00 lip gloss recently and looking at new homes. But her parents are losing theirs!! I guess someone is going to pay for her story and she is already happily spending the money. I seriously doubt that her other children are thrilled about 8 more. Did she ask them? No way she did what she wanted to do. I think the doctor that did this should be fined and he should have to help support these kids. Without modern science she could not have even had children. I’m not sure if she was even meant to have any at all much less 14.

Lee February 26, 2009, 9:34 AM

This whole situation is so unbelivable in todays society. The story has sparked a great deal of anger for many reasons. This woman continues to claim that people are judging her based on her being single and states that if she was married it would be a non-issue. The fact is that this woman is not financially or emotionally able to properly care for these children. That is the bottom line. She appears to be out of touch and unrealistic. Children and family services better rise to the plate to ensure that these children are given the best possible chance for a normal life. Even her mother sees that this situation is rediculous and is doubtful that the children will have a healthy chance. This woman has psycological issues and is very selfish for placing her children in such an awkward position for life. She wants them for unconditional love but in the end the kids will most likely resent her for her poor decisions. But aside from her stupidity, I am overwhelmed by her doctor who needs to be seriously handled for his lack of better judgement. I went to adopt a dog from the humane society and they did background checks to ensure the dog was going to a safe home which took well over a week to complete. Are children being brought into the world any less important? And for the people claiming seventeen in a two bedroom home is acceptable…. You try waiting in a line of seventeen to use the toilet one time and lets see how you feel. That is unsanitary at best for all involved.

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