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Study Says That Wealthier Men Are Better Lovers

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Are woman inherently gold-diggers?

Scientists have discovered that the amount of pleasure women receive from intercourse depends on the size of their partner's bank account.

"Women's orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner," said psychologist Dr. Thomas Pollet, who conducted the study.

The study suggests that women have an "evolutionary adaption," causing them to select men based on their perceived qualities.

The survey included interviews with 1,534 women about their personal lives, including sexual experiences. Researchers found that 121 of these women always orgasmed during sex, 408 had them often, 762 sometimes had orgasms and 243 had them rarely if ever.

"Increasing partner income had a highly positive effect on women's self-reported frequency of orgasm," Pollet says. "More desirable mates cause women to experience more orgasms."

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rugbymom January 19, 2009, 2:50 PM

wouldn’t know about that one! Bah-ha-ha. I’ll let ya know when we win the lotto!

ak mom January 19, 2009, 6:54 PM

y’know the sayings…How’d he get a woman like her?… What does she see in him…. Usually referring to an attractive woman whose with a not so attractive man. Usually those men are smart, powerful, influential and/or successful… but maybe they’re also better in bed.

Kara January 19, 2009, 10:06 PM

Maybe it is because with a man that has a steady and sufficient income a woman can relax. Instead of wondering how to work more hours to cover the bills and how to juggle housework and taking care of the kids and 40 hours of work plus the demands of being a wife she can just relax… ahhhh. Maybe relaxation is the key to more orgasmic sex. Not having to worry about being the only one brining home the bacon certainly helps a woman relax!

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