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The Duggars Make Me Sick

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The Duggars have 18 kids, which is crazy in and of itself. But teaching your kids to abstain from all sexual relations before marriage... these people are nuts!

Annoyed woman watching tv

Guest blogger Samantha: Every time I see something about the Duggars on TV, I get really annoyed. I'm annoyed that they have so many kids, I'm annoyed that all their names start with "J" and I'm annoyed that everything, EVERYTHING, they do and say in life is about their belief in God. Look, I'm all for faith. I'm all for religion. But I lose my patience when it comes to fanatics whose convictions are SO over the top that their very own children (in my opinion) end up brainwashed and robotic.

Meet Joshua Duggar and his new bride Anna.

Last night, as I watched "A Very Duggar Wedding," a reality special on TLC documenting their "union," I wanted to barf. You see, Joshua, 21, and his bride-to-be Anna, have never kissed (yes, that's KISSED!). Both are evangelical Christians and decided that they wanted to enter marriage "pure." Up until their wedding day, the most action that these two CHILDREN had ever gotten was hand-holding (ooh, naughty, naughty!) And now, their very first kiss is supposed to be in front of 300 guests?! Are you kidding me?

Before I even start in on how ridiculous I think this "purity" nonsense is, let me take a moment to talk about their wedding itself: 1) Too much tulle. 2) Someone needs to let the people of Florida know that the crimped long-hair look was out in the '80s 3) It was a dry wedding. (Um, isn't that mean to make them have sex for the first time without any alcohol???) I nearly died when they said "I do," and went for their first kiss as husband and wife. "Don't turn around!," my husband joked as we laughed about what a massive boner Joshua probably had. Then, as the camera zoomed in on Anna wiping her lips and smiling nervously as her virgin tongue went back into her mouth, I literally got queasy. How ridiculous, I thought. How ridiculous to think that not only will these kids never know what it's like to have had sex with anyone else other than each other, but that they will never know what really feels good and really feels right.

If you don't kiss a lot of frogs, how can you know if you even like kissing your prince?! The beauty of experiencing intimacy before marriage is that you CAN determine what you like and don't like -- so that you're not stuck with someone who you come to discover you have ZERO sexual attraction or connection to! As I watched the Duggars walk into their sad little hotel room (hi, TLC, ya coulda sprung for the "honeymoon suite," no?), I couldn't help but wonder if poor Anna, who will not be enjoying sex for quite some time (uh, remember when you lost your virginity), will one day wake up and wish that she had been felt up by someone other than her husband. Second base, people! We're talking about second base! Her boobies have NEVER even been touched by someone else. PATHETIC.

On Joshua and Anna's website, Anna says: "Like Joshua, I was raised in a Christian home, and my parents encouraged me to save my whole heart and purity for the one that God had for me. As a young girl, my parents told me that it was normal to have desires and thoughts, but that it was my responsibility to commit my future to the Lord and trust God to lead me in His timing." Trust God to lead you? Does God know what turns you on? Grow up! You're not proving anything to anyone and I don't believe for one instance that God is going to reward you any differently then the rest of us. You can still be pure, good, and committed to your husband even if you've had multiple partners.

In my opinion, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are to blame for this craziness. If I had to share well-deserved attention with 17 other siblings, I might pull a lame stunt like this at my wedding, too. Fortunately for me (and my two sisters), my kiss was short and sweet and my wedding night wasn't as painful as Anna's probably was (unless you count the terrible blister I got from my heels). So, to Joshua and Anna: I truly do hope you had fun on your wedding night and in 50 years are still as hot for each other as you were that night at bible camp. And if there's one thing you don't do like your parents, let's hope it's the baby-making part. For God's sake, Duggars, heed your own advice and ABSTAIN.

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PATSY January 27, 2009, 9:11 PM

Why is everyone so concerned by what the Duggars are doing? HOW DOES THAT EFFECT YOUR LIFE? Why can’t we just mind our own business and life’s. That is the problem today everyone is too busy judging everyone else! Stop and take a look at yourselves!! LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE ALONE AND STOP JUDGING OTHERS!UNLESS………..YOU WANT TO BE JUDGED ALSO!!!

mom January 27, 2009, 9:41 PM

Man —— you are a bitter, judgemental person. All I see in their family is a lot of love and respect even if I dont live the way they do.

Anonymous January 27, 2009, 9:48 PM

could it be possible you are just annoyed by the fact that you don’t have even half of the patience and parenting skills that the Duggars have? Granted I don’t agree with everything they do to the full extent they do, but you have to admit they are a loving family with morals and values to spare… something many of us could learn a thing or two about! To each their own… Wouldn’t be so nice if someone were to criticize you with the same hatred you are spewing out here.. makes you wonder where all that is coming from :]

Mia January 27, 2009, 10:02 PM

THANK GOD oh wait am i able to say that?! Regardless I am glad i am not the only one in america that thinks this is nuts! Seriously what kind of parents would be proud to say my kids are very “pure”. Teenages need to be teenages with hormones and all.

sara January 27, 2009, 10:11 PM

How dare you. Those children should be so lucky to have parents that care so much about them to want them to have happy lives. If my parents would have taught me what they teach their children I wouldn’t have had a child at 15. You have no right to judge the Duggers they are not affecting your way of life. They are living the way they choose to, just like you. My advise don’t watch the show and find something better to do than put other people down. Your life might be happier.

candy  January 27, 2009, 10:29 PM

If the duggars make you sick, don’t watch them. Who are you to judge these people anyway? Maybe they are on a different path then you are. Live and let live.

MB January 27, 2009, 10:31 PM

Okay, I’m a 17-year old christian girl. And by “christian” I don’t mean “religious”. No, I don’t walk around in skirts, I don’t have hair that is three feet long, I wear makeup, I have friends that are guys, I have friends that aren’t christians. I’m also homeschooled, and I don’t look like a homeless person! Wanna know who Jesus hung out with? The prostitutes, and tax collectors. He loves everyone regardless. Wanna know something else? My parents have given me a choice to be who I am. They didn’t force me. Yes, I find it odd and a little over the top that they have so many children, but I also don’t care! I don’t care if people use birth control or not. Yes, I’m not going to have sexual relations before I’m married, but that is also my choice. It’s what I’ve chosen for myself because it is what I believe. And, personally when I am dating my husband, I’m probably going to kiss him. The word “Christian” can be dragged out and pulled into so many different categories and convictions. Everything from people calling themselves that simply because “they believe in God” to the extremes of things like you can never cut your hair, wear pants, hold hands, date, wear jewelry etc. I, personally, only desire to date whoever my husband is. And as much as you might call me a wacko, I’m waiting for God to put me with whoever that person is. You see, it’s called faith, and if you truly have faith in something you believe it. I’m sorry the fact that some people have different views that you makes you so angry at them. But you are also contradicting yourself by saying you’re “all for faith” and then slam the way these kids are choosing to define that for themselves. I’m sorry it eats at you and makes you sound like such a jerk…the fact that some christians have these values bothers you. But you know what? I’m a christian, and I honestly don’t care how you live your life. I’m not going to tell anyone to live the way I do. One thing God gave us if fee will, and He also told us to never judge others. I don’t care how you live, or what you’re convictions are, and if you don’t have the same values and convictions..then fine. But, please…don’t make me feel guilty FOR having them.

Anonymous January 27, 2009, 11:12 PM

What a disgusting post! More people should be like this and maybe we wouldn’t have so many abortions, STD’s and on and on! At least they take care of all there children without assistance and don’t live on welfare!!! Maybe more people should do this and stop complaining about people that actually have respect for themselves.

Pam January 27, 2009, 11:44 PM

I don’t know why this bothers so many people. With the way our society is today, the moral values a lot of people don’t have, and the way it’s “the thing” now days to have a baby out of wedlock, I think it’s great that there is a family that believes the way the Duggars do. Look at all the teens today wanting to get pregnant just to compare their “baby bump”, look at all the people who have sex with 20, 30, 40, people without giving a second thought to how disgusting it is, not having any respect for themselves, and not even worrying about STD’s, but it’s ok because “everyone” is doing it. Look at all the 20, 30, and 40 something people who are still looking for Mr. /Ms Right because they want an instant 100% and don’t know how to take say a 40% and build it together to be the 100% they want in a relationship. Look at all the people avoiding commitment because they are too selfish and want it all right now and don’t realize “something” is worth “nothing” unless you’re willing to make sacrifices and give 100% in a relationship. Look at all the poor latch key kids at home alone and raising themselves because their parents want it all right now, they’re in credit card debt for life and on their way to bankruptcy. Look at all the people on all of these “looking for love” websites, paying lots of money to find their soul mate, when all they really want is “friends with benefits”. AND, look at all the people who are down on God, down on our country, and down on our President, blaming everyone they can for their problems but themselves. I think there should be more families like the Duggars. They work for everything they have, are on no public assistance, and are debt free because they know how to manage money the right way and take care of their own. I wish I could be half the woman/mother that Michelle is, she is teaching her kids how to love and respect themselves and others too. If they want to have 25 kids it’s no one’s business but theirs. I thought this was America, “Land of the FREE”, free to do what you want unless your breaking laws, and the Duggars are far from it. I’m not a “religious fanatic but have you read the Bible? Does it not say that we are here to reproduce in so many words? It sure doesn’t say, “Go out and have as much sex as you can, with as many people as you can, if it does I sure would like to see it. Stop the hate, appreciate, life is a gift, NO ONE owes you a thing!

Pam January 27, 2009, 11:48 PM


I’m not a “religious fanatic but have you read the Bible? Does it not say that we are here to reproduce in so many words? It sure doesn’t say, “Go out and have as much sex as you can, with as many people as you can, if it does I sure would like to see it. Stop the hate, appreciate, life is a gift, NO ONE owes you a thing!

Robbin January 28, 2009, 1:36 AM

Are you so unhappy with your own life that ripping others apart feels like the right thing to do? WE all make our own choices. They are doing better with 18 than some do with one. They are raising intellegent productive members of society. I for one appreciate that they have let us into their lives. It is interesting and personally challenging.It is okay to have a difference of opinion. As long as you are happy with your life and it is not harming someone else you do it your way. By your same mantra, please don’t force your anger upon us. Perhaps time will show you things differently and you will become more compassionate for others. By the way you can always turn the tv off.

Bonnie January 28, 2009, 5:10 AM

I think what the Duggars do is their own business. I admire them for what they have done. They are raising THEIR children the way that they feel is right.
As far as I can tell from what I’ve seen, the children are very good. They are respectful and responsible. They share. They help each other.I love the fact that the mom and dad teach their children Godly christian values. And they are teaching them hands on things that people have forgotten such as building and remodeling, plumbing, sewing, cleaning, cooking, how to raise a family, etc. That will help them later in life as well as now. I would rather see a family be like them as to hear about a young teenager getting pregnant and having her baby out in the cold and leaving it in a shoebox on the sidewalk for someone to find because she was scared and didn’t know what to do. This is the type thing that happens when you are raised without any good morals.Being strict with your children is not wrong.I only have 3 children but, I wish I could have had more. I hope and pray that what we taught our children will stick with them. I love children so much. And by the way, my husband and I saved ourselves until marriage.We don’t have any regrets about that. And we’ve been married for over 37 years. And, again, the Duggars business is just that. THEIR BUSINESS. So what if they want to share it with the world. They’re proud of their children. I was proud of mine and still am. I always wanted people to think my children were among the best.Maybe you should rethink your comments. I would love to meet the Duggars and spend a day with them.

Anonymous January 28, 2009, 6:02 AM

Wow. I found your post highly offensive and will probably not subscribe to this site anymore as it was featured in the e-mail I received showing it to be an “article”. If people want to post their narrow-minded opinion of someone else’s life, fine, but don’t broadcast it to me as something important and waste my precious time. As for your post, I am neither highly religious or a non-believer and I do think that some of the Duggar’s ways are strange but to critize this young couple for wanting to be pure is too much. I admire them for their conviction even if it doesn’t end up working out in the long run as they are rather young.

Diane January 28, 2009, 7:23 AM

No, I did not see the show, but I did read this article. This world has completely turned against the Lord and ALL OF HIS WAYS. Look around you! There needs to be more family’s like them, that live by God’s word and commandments. God did not call us to experiment with many sexual partners, to get our thrills on with any and everyone. That’s what the world tells us to do, and says it’s ok… NO THAT’S NOT SO… He and He alone knows every single strand of hair that is on our head, he knew you before you were born and knows the exact time when you will be gone from this earth. To mock and say “does God know what turns you on?” well for such a dumb question the answer is so … HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! So yes, he does. I find it funny that people can write about things that they have NO CLUE about. Jesus is the way the truth and the light * The bible says … people will be condemed for lack of knowlege ** be careful

Tauni January 28, 2009, 7:49 AM

Well my husband just thinks that is gross and sick ? i just think it is crazy i have 4 boyz and i am bussy as heck. as far as the marrage goes would you buy a pair of shoes before you try them on??I believe in safe sex but how do they realy get to know each other if they could never be alone ? i guess to each there own.(Strange)

Amber January 28, 2009, 7:50 AM

Wow, you seem to have something against others beliefs. I found this article highly opinionated instead of based on fact. It was more about an essay on why children should not wait to have sex than a newsworthy notion. I also found it poorly written to say the list and it seemed more like a rant on a soupbox than anything else. As a person who didn’t wait until marriage and found God later I can see why it is a good thing to wait. You catch yourself sometimes comparing your wonderful husband to past times and situations. Not a good thing. Although I don’t watch the show I think they are raising their children right in a world gone wrong. Enough said.

c.k January 28, 2009, 7:58 AM

For someone who finds them so disgusting and annoying, you sure do know a lot about them from tuning in to watch their show each week

Typically when people annoy me, I keep my distance from them or avoid them altogether. I certainly don’t make it a point to be apart of their lives only to rip them up and down for the world to read about.

But….whatever floats your boat.

kate January 28, 2009, 8:03 AM

I’m not sure why you care so much about someone else’s lifestyle. It’s their’s, not your’s. I’m not even sure why a family that “annoys” you so much, gives you the right to stand in judgement of them AND their beliefs. This is highly offensive. I’m not sure MOMLogic is somewhere I care to be anymore.

We’re a universal site for moms and families of all diverse backgrounds. I don’t care to meet a standard in order to fit in….nor do I care to read a rant from someone so close minded. Goodbye MOMlogic

Casey January 28, 2009, 8:18 AM

This blogger sounds very bitter. I don’t think you really find the Duggars annoying. I think you’re jealous of them. You see them as the model of parenting, and that makes you feel inferior.

I hope one day that your children don’t come home and tell you that they have an STD, or that they are pregnant or got someone pregnant, or are charged with a number of sexually related offences because you’re choosing to be a “cool” mom rather than a responsible one.

Becka3 January 28, 2009, 8:29 AM

You are a total jerk for typing something so offensive in my opinion… I hope if you have kids they use protection, since they will be sleeping around

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