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Do You Have Your Obama Swag?

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Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: Obamamania is in full force and if you don't have your Obama schwag, now's the time to get it. You've got your Obama t-shirts, your Obama yo-yos, the piggy banks, the Hot 4 Barack hot sauce, the Obama bling sunglasses and the tote bags. QVC, a home shopping network, will broadcast from the capital on Inauguration Day and sport ball gowns. If you really want to show the love, Fatty's Custom Tattooz in Washington D.C. will throw in a free Obama tattoo if you drop $200 in their shop.

Obama mugs, t-shirt, posters and more

Whole stores have sprung up overnight in D.C., including one called the Obama Superstore, which sells every type of Obama paraphernalia you could imagine. Even Obama himself is setting up shop. The Presidential Inaugural Committee opened an official store. They're hawking a new version of the iconic Sherpard Fairey "Hope" poster. This one tells shoppers to "Be the Change." I guess being the change has something to do with opening your wallet.

The Obama craze isn't limited to the new president. His little daughters are budding fashion icons. Sasha sported an Ugly Doll on her backpack - one of those shapeless plush toy your kid already has buried in the bottom of her toy chest -- and now they're selling like it's nobody's business. When Michelle sported a J.Crew ensemble on NBC's "Tonight Show," traffic to the J.Crew website jumped a whopping 464%.

Even the porn industry is getting in on the action, pardon the pun. You can now get The Official Obama Pleasure Toy, a Head O' State vibrator (we'll leave the description to your imagination). And good old Larry Flynt is releasing a new adult film titled Nailin' Paylin. Poor Sarah, she's the darling of the porn industry, but she can't get an invitation to John McCain's dinner party the night before the Inauguration. That's got to hurt.

Poet Jim Fisher wondered what kind of poem Elizabeth Alexander will write for Obama on Tuesday. She's been tapped to give the inaugural poem and, apparently coming up with something appropriately presidential is no easy feat. Maybe she should write an ode to Obama toilet paper.

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