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The Inauguration, Through a Child's Eyes

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Momlogic sent 12-year-old Kennedy and her mom Naila to DC to experience Barack Obama's inauguration. Here are Kennedy's thoughts.

Today I finally realized how important Barack Obama and this inauguration is to so many people.

While watching CNN on Monday, I saw how many people were lined up just to get at seat at the front so they could see Barack Obama walk down the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial just to talk for only a few minutes. As my friend and I were walking to take pictures of the Lincoln Memorial (my hands were so frozen I couldn't tie my shoes), we saw people wearing homemade tie-dyed Barack Obama t-shirts. I saw one lady on the street wearing an Obama dress and buttons all over her body ... she even had Obama earrings and an Obama hat!

I know this is very important and I'm so overwhelmed, I'm speechless.

My mom and everyone seems to cry anytime they talk about Barack Obama or the inauguration. My grandma went to an all-black school and couldn't even go over to white kids' houses to play. That seems weird to me, because my best friend is Korean and I go over her house all the time. I don't try to be friends with black kids first because they are black; I just pick the nicest kids whoever they are. I don't like when people are mean to anyone, and it makes me sad to think about people being mean to anyone just because we are black. My mother tells me that I'm brave because even when kids are mean to me, I don't follow along to be popular, I just will be by myself if I have to.

I hope Sasha and Malia find friends that like them because they are funny and do the same sports and stuff, not just because they get to live in such a great house and their dad is President.

In California, where I live, I think I am a really lucky kid. I go to a great private school, I have a lot of books and I can be whatever I want if I study a lot and work hard. No one would say I can't go to a school because I am black, they would say it because I am not a good enough student or maybe because I just wasn't nice. But other than that, I know I can do anything I want, which is why I want to be an attorney first, then a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, then a judge. When I am a judge, I will make sure that even people who some think are guilty get a good trial because I have seen a lot of times where someone gets convicted because they are poor and maybe just because they weren't real smart. I think we have to be sure.

I am going to try and find some good kids now with a lot to say.

I hope this is fun to read for everyone. Thank you! Kennedy

Check out Naila and Kennedy's videos from the inauguration here.

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