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Your Friend Deleted You for a Burger

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Facebook has altered the "Whopper Sacrifice" application after about 234,000 friends were deleted by users who wanted to receive a free Burger King Whopper.

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Two days ago, MSN reported Burger King and Facebook partnered on the "Whopper Sacrifice" campaign. Installing this app makes you eligible for a free Whopper coupon if you delete ten of your friends.

Up until now, "sacrifices" were notified when they were deleted for a Whopper, and their friends could read the news as well  -- unlike normal Facebook deletions that remain private.

After over 200,000 people received notices that they'd been canned in favor of a burger, Facebook changed the application, telling The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal they had "not disabled the application but have placed some restrictions on the application to assure that users' expectations of privacy are maintained."

Only one coupon is allowed per Facebook account. Is a free Whopper enough to get you to delete your friends?

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AnnieBee January 16, 2009, 9:05 AM

1. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I detest Whoppers. They give me awful indegestion.
2. Is this a sign of hard economic times that people are willing to delete ten friends for free food? Or…
3. Are people using this as an excuse to purge a few friends they either aren’t interested in or will just re-friend tomorrow?
4. Are people so shallow that they are getting upset about someone deleting them for a Whopper? I might rethink my friends…
5. Also in the interest of full disclosure, I would delete friends for 10 free Five Guys burgers…just so you know.

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