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Earth Doesn't Have Room for Octuplets!

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The popularity of fertility drugs and IVF have made multiple births the norm, but guess what --there's NO more room on Earth for everyone to have triplets and now octuplets!

Babies in space shuttle

The people over at Population Connection make an excellent point: It's time to control the population number.

We talked with the Director of Population Connection, Brian Dixon, to get the facts on U.S. population growth. Dixon tells us the Population Connection believes "every women around the world should have the opportunity to make their own choices for themselves and their family. There are 400,000 unwanted births a year and right now we have 300 million people in this country and by 2050 we will topping 400 million."

Dixon also says that "Population growth has a negative impact on everyone and everything on the earth and strains resources around the world."

What do you think about population control? Has it changed how you feel about having children?

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Propercynic January 31, 2009, 9:35 AM

I am a childfree person in my late 30’s (I found this article via a childfree website). I have various reasons for being childfree, and the top one was the fact the world is overcrowded with people, and this is having a detrimental effect on other species, which have just as much right as us to inhabit the planet.
It is good to see that population control through not breeding is being talked about more.

BEEB  January 31, 2009, 12:05 PM


RMB January 31, 2009, 2:32 PM

Yes beeb, earth does have “plenty of room”. For things like agriculture. Put any more people on that land and next thing you know - global famine. We DON’T have the room, we DON’T have the resources and we DON’T have the political goodwill to make overpopulation anything other than an unmitigated disaster.

Propercynic January 31, 2009, 2:59 PM

Beeb, yeah carry on praying, mate, but fat lot of good it will do when the last wild animal is killed, the last wild place is destroyed and the human race is fighting and killing each other over the last scrap of food and space. Think on that. No imaginary ‘god’ will help you now or then.

And cut out the sanctimonious crap, I am well aware of what I am ‘missing’ thank you - which is why I am childfree.

Patch January 31, 2009, 4:24 PM

Beeb, the earth has no more room for all of us, we are killing it. Responsible control of the global population is the only answer. And like Propercynic I’m well aware of what I’m supposedly missing out on, which is why I will never have children.

slcrows February 1, 2009, 9:17 AM

In reply to BEEB. Yes God does want us to have children, BUT He also wants us to be responsible. Where does it say in the Bible that we may use other forms of reproduction, such as artificil insemination etc. Not in my bible. You make the mistake many other’s do, taking something out of contex, and not making it pertain to 2009. I know you will say that the Bible is to be taken literally, then only sex by maried people would count as God’s will. Yes there is enough room in the world. You go live in Alaska, or in some town of Population 25 in Montana. You must work, so where do you work. the reason people are so growded is that the jobs and money to support themselves are in groups) ( communities)
i think this Mother is off her rocker. What would possess her to breed children as if they were mice. What happens to this poor judgement person when her parents die and she is no longer enabled by them. Yes, that’s right the state gets to take care of them. i for one have enough problems taking care of my 4 grandchildren that i am raising because of parents poor choices. Everyone says the church will help. it takes a village etc. that’s wonderful thinking and jargon, but the churches are suffering in this economy also. they can only help once in a while. they can’t buy diapers and formular every week for the same kids. like the lifeboat theory. Which kids do you save? Help? take care of? There is no answer, just the over riding comment that she and her Doctor should have used far better judgement. now those kids will suffer for again, a parents lack of forsight and good judgement. Take some money from the Doctor who acted in poor judgement. Perhaps he should have checked closer at this parent and her previous birth history.

mathgeek February 1, 2009, 10:21 AM

It is disgusting that she had all those kids irresponsibly and guess who is going to pay for them - we are!!!

Anonymous February 1, 2009, 10:34 AM

What many people do not seem to comprehend is that human overpopulation is the most serious problem that faces this planet. No matter what your cause, it is a lost cause unless we control the population. Octuplets are a disaster for all of us.

JOE ERSKINE February 1, 2009, 11:00 AM

We are all under great financial stress these days. Now comes along this self involved,narcissistic woman who JUST LOVES KIDS . She loves them but not enuf to find A way to support them.
I cant figure out (and I resent) ALL so called “parents” who ask the public to help pay for their maternal
follies. I,ve got my own problems.

jma February 1, 2009, 11:33 AM

People like her need one thing and one thing only….MANDATORY STERILIZATION !.
People who do not have the means of supporting their brood, especially if unmarried, should be Sterilized once they’ve dropped their first load, be it one kid or however-many…If not, the tax-paying citizens will continue to have to pick up the tab for all these never-ending illegitimate rug-rats…
This cow is nothing but a baby-machine with the mind-set of a baby-machine and the intelligence of a child. And she apparently has no means of supporting her tribe and has to rely on her family…and, undoubtedly, some sort of Public Assistance…
She has been “obsessed with having children” (according to her family) since she was young but she has never attempted to do it the “correct” way (ie…marriage or, at least, a “partner” who would “be there” for the kids)…and her parents have, apparently, never attempted to stop her.
Which brings up a legit question…Where did the money for her fertilization come from?…This is NOT an INEXPENSIVE procedure?…
Maybe she needed psychological counseling but…hey…it’s too late now…She should have been sterilized after the first 6, now there are 14…and this cow wants more! She is a whack-job and should have her baby-factory shut-down…
And don’t bother with your emails voicing “outrage” that anyone should be so cruel/heartless/evil (take your pick) to even suggest Sterilization of these mindless twits who insist on having kids without the means of supporting them…I’ll bet a LOT of you have the same thought/feeling but just don’t have the gumption to suggest it….

Dr. Technical February 1, 2009, 12:12 PM

There is NO problem on this planet that is made any easier to solve by having more people on Earth.

I am not aware of any rational argument for the presence of one additional person on the planet. Indeed, a case could be made that we should reduce the world population so that each country’s population is more in balance with its ability to support that population at a decent standard of living without destroying the environment.

jillian February 5, 2009, 4:32 AM

If I decide to have children, I’ll only have one and maybe adopt another one later. I can’t imagine bringing more children into this already overpopulated world.

We’ve been trying to control the dog and cat population for years but no one wants to address the human population who use up the most resources of all animals on this planet.

By the year 2050, the earth’s population is estimated to reach 9 billion people. That’s almost maximum capacity for this planet. Something needs to be done soon to address human population growth.

pat February 7, 2009, 12:06 AM

maybe god meant for us to have children but using fertility drugs is playing god & not how it is supposed to be
if u can’t have children the original way you should adopt
there are too many unwanted kids in foster care to use these stupid drugs & treatments that make you have kids unnaturally

Flo Bonn February 8, 2009, 12:48 AM

Suleman needs a psych exam and real quick before she tries to care for the group she has produced just b/c she is lonely..what a lame excuse.
She seems to want attention and she is getting it…i hope the commerical world does not pick up the tab for what she has done. She is not a RESPONSIBLE person.

Crys February 8, 2009, 1:45 PM

JMA: While I don’t agree with someone having so many children, and I agree that the population is causing more stress on the world economically and environmentally than many realize, the people who should undergo ‘manadatory sterlization’ are those who are not compassionate enough to be able to imagine the tables turned & how he or she would want to be treated. Those who are incapable of compassion, as you appear to be, are the ones who should not be allowed to reproduce because we need rational, caring and compassionate people in the future, not people who see others are ‘milking the system’ simply because they can. What would you be saying if she had said, ‘I don’t want any more children. Please destroy the remaining embryos.’ I would bet my live you would say she was a ‘baby killer’.

ginb February 9, 2009, 5:59 PM

Whatever happened to adoption? If this woman wanted children that much, she could have adopted one or two kids and given them a good home. But continually having children just because she wanted them is a selfish reason and she’s not even thinking about the childen’s welfare. Not to mention the fact that the grandmother is the one who will end up financially supporting those kids. I think the babies would be better off being put up for adoption than to try and survive in a family that large without financial resources.

Vick February 12, 2009, 12:16 PM

“jma”, if you tried to steralize me just because I’m a single mother of one, working full time and going to school full time, but receiving welfare to make the ends meet, I would quite literally hunt you down and kill you very unmercifully. I would make sure you went through the same mental torture that you’d be putting on single mothers out there if you were to “steralize” us all for “dropping one load”. What you are talking about, is just another version of a Natzi revolution. Are you sure that Hitler isn’t in your gene pool? I hope karma nips you swift and hard for such evil thoughts or that fate shows you what it means to lead a hard working life. I’m proud of my life, my work, my schooling, and most important of all, my dear sweet son. You probably have no childern and know nothing of what it means to be a parent.

Mike February 13, 2009, 3:17 AM

What the single mother who works full time and needs welfare to make ends-meet has overlooked is that welfare is paid by all the texpayers.

I want to know why you believe it is alright to have the taxpayers help you make ends-meet - school or no school?

I am a married parent with one child because one child is all I am able to afford and raise well.

I would like to see how proud you would be of your life without the welfare payments, the free day care to watch your child while at work and school and your free schooling. None of which is paid for by you or your marginal taxes.

Kay February 16, 2009, 4:54 PM

What she has done is despicable. She even took the extra money she obtained from the job injury settlement and instead of helping her existing children, she had plastic surgery and more in-vitro procedures.
AND, in the grand scheme of things, even if you can afford five children these days, you should try to only have two - it’s called zero population growth - to help slow our planet’s warming. (You’ll also be able to do more for those two.) If you do have more money, you may be leaving a larger carbon footprint by your consumerism and lifestyle, unless you’re extremely conscientious.

Micha February 27, 2009, 5:15 PM

Instead of controlling how many children a woman/couple may have, why not get rid of all the artifical ways of getting pregnant? Its as if we are playing God with all the artifical ways. Perhaps the people who need it artifically were not truely meant to have their own children, as sad as that sounds. Maybe they should look towards adopting one of the many children whom have been abandoned.
As for octomom, it is sad to think of all those beautiful infants tied up to tubes and monitors with very little chance of them surviving. I have a feeling that soon news will come of one or more of their deaths.
Our bodies (women’s I mean…) shed eggs every month, so what makes her think that the disposing of the eggs at the doctor’s office would be a sin? We naturally do it every month…

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