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10 Things I Love About the Super Bowl

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I have no idea who's even playing, but I love Super Bowl Sunday!

woman eating chips and men watching tv

momlogic's Jenny: I think I may have scored major points last night when I told my husband I was looking forward to the Super Bowl. Little does he know though, that my excitement has literally nothing to do with the game itself. In fact, I don't even know who's playing, and god forgive me, but I don't care! That's right. Eff the game. I'm there for the chips. Literally.

Here are 10 things I love about Super Bowl Sunday, none of which have anything to do with football!

1) Super Bowl Sunday is a fat f*ck's paradise. Chips and dip. Chili. Wings (I don't even like wings, but on Super Bowl Sunday I do!) It's literally food heaven and I choose our viewing location based on the edibles.

2) Girl time! Super Bowl is a wonderful opp for me to finally get together with all my girlfriends in one location. While the boys scream at the television, we will be catching up on gossip, eating our weight in chips (see #1), and chasing around our little ones (see #3).

3) Kids! We all bring our little ones to the party and while it sometimes gets a little chaotic and stressful as I try to keep my 16 month old away from the ingesting an entire bowl of fire hot cashews, it's a another good opportunity for everyone to see what a genius my son is. Yes, I'm bragging (see #4).

4) TV has paid off. From watching hours and hours of a show called "Signing Times," my son is now able to sign and SAY "Football" (pronounced "Boop-Ball"). I know that my husband will relish in this new "developmental milestone" and will enjoy showing off his skill.

5) Did I mention chips and dip?

6) The Super Bowl is a chance to make money. While I have no idea about the stats or specifics of the game, I do enjoy a little gambling. Wanna make a side bet about which team will score first? I'm your man. Speaking of man, see #7.

7) Testosterone. I really don't know what it is, but there's something about a roomful of guys grunting and sweating over "the game" that's kind of hot. (And no, babe, this doesn't count for the entire season and mean that we should sign up again for the NFL Sunday Ticket!)

8) Jeans and Converse. Super Bowl Sunday poses somewhat of a fashion challenge - to come up with a casual, cute outfit that doesn't look too thought out or planned. I usually end up in my cutest pair of jeans, converse and a long sleeve cottoned tee. (Gotta make sure I keep my plumber's crack covered!)

9) Commercials. Period.

10) Red Carpet Countdown. If the Super Bowl is on, that means it's only a matter of time until my favorite day of the entire year is here. Of course, there is one thing that the Oscars have in common with the Super Bowl: Chips and Dip.

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ashley February 1, 2009, 10:04 AM

When I was growing up we always went to my parents friends house and she had the most AMAZING, most fattening, most DELICIOUS food. That and Christmas and Thanksgiving were the only times of the year I touched anything fattening when I was a teenager. She made the most amazing queso and little weenies in some great sauce. I miss those days. My neighbor is bringing her boys over tonight and she’s making fajitas and I’m making creamy enchiladas and I bought Sex and the City for us to watch while the boys watch the game. It’ll be fun. The only thing that sucks is having a hangover on Monday morning when I have to get everyone to school and work. I’ll just have to watch that.

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