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Amy Fisher, Mom of Three, Turns Stripper

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Is this okay?

amy fisher turned stripper

Yesterday in the momlogic community, we posted about Amy Fisher announcing that she'll tour the country -- as a high-paid stripper.

On the heels of the October 2007 release of a porn video -- and a recent pay-per-view special titled "Amy Fisher: Totally Nude and Exposed" -- the 34-year-old Fisher said she plans to perform at least once a month and has an exclusive contract with the Lee Entertainment Network, an agency that does dance bookings for porn stars.

Amy has three children -- Brett, 8, Ava, 4, and a 3-month-old boy. "I've been through so much," Amy says. "It's time to have fun in my life. Whatever I do in my private life is my private life. When I come home at night, I have my family. The kids are my whole life -- this is my business. I give 100 percent to my kids and husband."

We asked moms: Do you think a mother should be stripping and doing porn, or is this just selfish?

This sparked a lively debate. Here's what you had to say:

• "Gosh, this would be a nightmare for any kid! How selfish. I understand that perhaps there may be women who have no other option, but she clearly states, 'It is time to have fun in my life.' What ever happened to shame? If she missed out on 'fun,' it is her fault. She made her own dreadful choices and apparently, continues to do so to the detriment of her children." - Carolyn Dileo

• "I think, considering her history, she needs loads of therapy, and it's not terribly surprising to see her life take this type of turn." - Bec Thomas

• "I know some young ladies whose mothers are or have been exotic dancers. What Amy Fisher does is her business. As long as she's not abusing or neglecting her children, who cares?" - Tamara

• "Her children are not that young. Her oldest is eight. I have an eight-year-old ... they are very aware of what is going on. The 'Do what makes you happy' mentality is childish. As adults, we should take responbility for our actions and realize we make choices in our lives that do impact others. Later on, we will hear whining about the horrible things she experienced when she writes her book on the subject. She needs to grow up." - Carolyn Dileo

Do you agree with Carolyn, Tamara, or Bec? Join the discussion here.

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