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13-Year-Old Vows to Take Paternity Test

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As if a 15-year-old having a baby with a 13-year-old isn't bad enough, now come rumors that young Alfie may not be the father of little Maisie, who was born four days ago.

Alfie Patten, Chantelle and baby

Despite the rumors, Alfie's "girlfriend" Chantelle Steadman is denying all claims that Alfie, who actually looks about 8 years old, may not be Maisie's father. She insists "there has been no one else."

Tearful schoolgirl Chantelle Steadman spoke out as TWO other youngsters bragged THEY could be the dads of newborn Maisie.

Chantelle, 15, said as she was comforted by the pint-sized schoolboy: "I love Alfie. I lost my virginity to him. We decided to start a physical relationship because we love each other. There has been no one else. He gets very jealous when I talk to other boys and I don't like him talking to other girls."

Alfie, who was just 12 when Chantelle told him she was pregnant, says "Other stupid boys are lying."

The teeny parents -- whose story shocked the world when it was exclusively revealed in the Sun -- spoke out after Richard Goodsell, 16, and Tyler Barker, 14, each claimed they bedded Chantelle as well.

Chantelle, who still wears a school uniform, said: "Cruel things have been said, but I am just trying to look after my baby and ignore them."

She told how she was besotted with the 4' tall Alfie, declaring: "We share looking after Maisie and do everything together like husband and wife. He has looked after me so well. He has held my hand and rubbed my back.

"We can't stand being away from each other. He gets upset when he is away from Maisie and me."

Her mother Penny, 38, blasted the claims her daughter slept around as "horrible." She revealed that Chantelle's room is tiny with a "very small bed that you wouldn't really call a single ... No one stayed over in it."

She also claimed the family had no idea Chantelle was even having sex with Alfie. "I spoke to them both one night and asked, 'Are you sleeping together?' Their reply was, 'No'. We had no reason not to believe them."

"I didn't even know Chantelle was on the Pill. When I found out, I was furious with our family doctor that he had not told me."

A back room of their three-bedroom public-housing home has now been converted into a bedroom for Chantelle and Maisie -- who was yesterday surrounded by pink balloons and cuddly toys including a pink teddy.

A total of six children plus the baby live in the house -- also home to two dogs, a cat and a parakeet.

13 year old father

Alfie lives with his family in nearby Hailsham. "I am the only boyfriend Chantelle's had -- and we've been together for two years," Alfie says. "I must be the dad."

Vowing to take a DNA test to prove it, Alfie declared: "When she found out she was having a baby, I asked her, 'Am I the dad?' She went, 'Yeah'. So I believe her."

"I didn't know about DNA tests before -- but mum explained it's when they do a swab in your mouth and it tells you if you're the dad. So, if I have that, they can all shut up. But I don't really care what people say."

Tyler Barker -- the 14-year-old who claims Maisie is his -- said: "It was routine for boys to stay over with Chantelle in her bed. But I only slept with her the once."

Meanwhile Richard Goodsell, 16, said he and Chantelle had sex at least three times.

What do you think about this heart-breaking story?

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Anonymous February 17, 2009, 1:37 AM

I blame the media for eternally blasting the entire population with sexual messages. Popular pre-teen shows are all sexualized. Kids are taught about human sexuality at a ridiculously young age in school - in detail. So what’s the big surprise?
I’ve met first graders seriously pre-occupied with the topic, and completely aware of the mechanics of human sexual intercourse, and snickering about it. When I asked them, how come they were so well informed they told me a sex education teacher had come into their class in kindergarden…It was obvious from their attitude that they were too young to handle it properly.
The kids are surrounded with sexual messages everywhere, from the time they are even minimally capable of beginning to think.

Dalia February 17, 2009, 2:11 AM

Anonymous, you are extremely wrong. It is not the media’s fault or the schools fault. You are mistaken. And this story is heart breaking, these are two kids, how can they say that they love eachother and how can she bring a baby into this world, knowing how the economy in the world is. Kids now in days just want to grow up tooo fast and are not being kids anymore. They don’t know how to control their hormones, etc. Kids, “irresponsible people should be ashamed of themselves” when it comes to these kinds of things.

mel February 17, 2009, 7:00 AM

I agree with anonymous, but I would like to add one more thing. Parents need to talk to their kids and supervise them. There is no way that I would let my 12 year old son be alone with a little girl… Realistically, kids are having sex. Children don’t know about the economy or money. They are being provided for. We, as parents have to teach them to be responsible and if they make a mistake, then we need to make sure that they suffer the consequences..

ashley February 17, 2009, 7:55 AM

This is so terrible!! These kids have NO FREAKING CLUE!!! what they’re getting into. This baby needs to be adopted out to someone who can take care of it. Then these kids need to get on with their lives. Why aren’t the parents stepping in and doing something about this??!! My parents would have either A) Made me terminate the pregnancy or B) Made me put the baby up for adoption!! In fact they did make me terminate one pregnancy, and I was almost 19!! This story is making me really see what my almost 7 year old son is watching on tv. I made my husband turn something off yesterday because I was afraid my son would hear it. I will be keeping close tabs on my baby boy.

ame i. February 17, 2009, 10:34 AM

The fact that they get angry if the other talks to a member of the opposite gender is yet another major clue that they are far too immature to be sexually active, much less be parents.

Nicole February 18, 2009, 9:38 PM

I am actually proud of these kids. At least these kids, who could be out playing neighborhood sports, going to the mall, or spending time playing video games like other kids their age, but yet they are caring for a family. This boy is taking care of his girlfriend and child and putting them first. There are grown parents who don’t do that. In today’s age with parents chloroforming their children or drowning them or abusing them, at least these kids are actually acting like responsible and devoted parents. At least they aren’t pulling the same crap as Octomom. I applaud this young couple. I know older parents who are not this responsible.

nunya February 19, 2009, 12:11 AM

this story can go both ways. one way to look at it is it probably wasnt the right decision on the parents part. they have absolutly no idea what they are getting into. i didnt relize how time consuming kids actually are. when you have a kid you are saying i am putting your life before mine and these are just kids they havent even lived there lives yet. they havent even gone threw all the high school experiences or collage experiences and thats how you learn is from life experiences so how are they supposed to raise there daughter and teach her about life if they havent lived it. on the other hand they way they are handling this situation is very mature but the stress will overwhelm them in the end. they are doing what seems like a good job so far and at least have made the commetment not only to eachother but to the baby which is the most important. they baby seems to be loved and provided for ( wether it be by there parents or them) so kudo’s to you kids.

Anonymous February 19, 2009, 4:16 PM

its not true he is a little boy

Jessica February 19, 2009, 10:01 PM

okay, im gonna get a few things straight wit people. a 13 year old dad? there is a scam going on, cos boys devolop hormones later than girls. there testosterone doesnt kick in until they are 13-14, so alfie would of bein 12 at the time they had sex, and he wouldnt have any sperm in him. Chantelle, yeah i understand, she was 14, but alfie?? he is just a little boy, there’s something going on, this doesnt seem right, and i think its a scam. i dont think alfie is the father. its impossible. im only 18 years old, but i know wat im talkin bout.

Nicole February 20, 2009, 1:01 AM

To Jessica… Just so you know, you need to research this a little better before you start shouting that a 13 year old boy is not capable of producing viable sperm. I know from experience. My great grandfather died at the age of 92. His oldest daughter came to his funeral. She is his blood daughter, they did a test after he died to confirm it because of some legal stuff with his will. He is her father. But, at the time of his funeral when he was 92 years old, she was 82 years old. Therefore, he was 10 years old when she was born.

Anonymous March 1, 2009, 9:58 PM

first of all, kids shouldn’t be having sex until they are at least 18 years old. if your gonna have unprotective sex, your gonna get pregnant one way or the other. “WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN”. the parents of these kids shouldn’t be letting them sleep over at an opposite sex persons house. you know what will happen when you start touching, and kissing ,and then what else does it lead to. well dang, i guess life goes on right?

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