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Have You Written Your Letter to Casey Anthony?

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The Anthony family continue to profess Casey Anthony's innocence and now they want us to join their crusade.

Casey Anthony

The Anthonys are family in crisis. The youngest of the family is dead, the mother is in jail and the rest of the clan struggles to hang onto their sanity. It's no wonder at times the family has reached out for support.

From public memorials to appearing on talk shows, the family continues to profess their belief in the innocence of Casey. Casey's father George has pleaded for the avenues of communication to be opened up between the public and his daughter, saying, "Casey deserves prayer, understanding, and letters. Take the time to write a letter to her."

Whether his pleas were acted upon is unknown. Allen Moore of the Orange County Jail that Casey calls home says: "Casey has always received a steady stream of mail." One would imagine that the majority of the letters wouldn't be very supportive of the 22-year-old accused child murderer who failed to alert authorities her toddler was missing for over a month.

However, Brad Conway, the Anthony's attorney, told momlogic that there are many who support the incarcerated mother. "There are plenty of people out there who believe Casey is innocent," he says. "I get letters everyday from people who have that belief."

If you'd like to contact Casey Anthony, it's pretty easy. Just don't send stamps, envelopes, paper, pens, pencils, inappropriate pictures or Polaroids, plastic cards, phone cards, stickers, lipstick marks on envelopes, or glued items. What you write to her, however -- calling her a baby killer, praying for her soul, or both --- will make it to her cell. Some people even send money.

George's wife, according to Internet rumors, has also tried to connect -- and change -- the public's perception of her daughter. Any defense of Casey on blogs and message boards is often attributed to someone impersonating Cindy. "I am convinced now that Cindy is the one writing under Jodi and all the other screen names like Monica and Tina who come up with all these ridiculous arguments about why Casey isn't guilty." says one commenter on momlogic in response to another commenter who wrote: "The media needs to stop brainwashing the public with weak evidence." Conway questions the sources that make such an accusation, adding that Cindy has got "better things to do than read blogs and deal with idiots."

It's hard not to feel sorry for the Anthony family. Will YOU be writing Casey Anthony a letter?

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rose February 25, 2009, 5:40 PM

I would like to talk Cindy Anthony personally. I feel so awful for her and her family having to deal with the loss of their sweet little grand daughter as if that’s not enough, they have to deal with their daughter facing the death penalty or prison for the rest of her life. I can’t even imagine what it would like to walk out the front door every day and having a camera stuck in my face. Its very sad.

Linda NC February 25, 2009, 5:57 PM

I personaly think that Jodi is really George…Joe Joe. My heart does go out to him. I think he is a precious man who is in turmoil over the loss of his beautiful granddaughter and Casey’s betrayal to the family and her own daughter. I believe God will use George to help a lot of people in the years to come. I hope George will commit his life to God. I haven’t written to Casey, but I do pray for her and the entire family.

Lin in MA February 25, 2009, 6:25 PM

Hello People! Where are your brains? I to feel bad for them having to deal with the loss of their beautiful little granddaughter. However, I do not feel bad for Casey one iota. I truly wish they would put her in the prison population and be done with it. As for the Anthony’s even mentioning Casey’s name at that little girl’s memorial I feel was in extremely poor taste.

Peggy Gorman February 25, 2009, 6:26 PM

I don’t mean to sound so harsh . I feel there was way too much lying ,covering up and pretending that everything was ok. A baby was missing. I know that horrible feeling that strikes you to your soul when for a minute that you feel your child is missing. It happened to me in a store and for that split second total fear.
I do feel that Casey went about her life because she knew her child was gone.
What I don’t understand is why she pretended ,lied and led everyone on a wild goose chase.
If I could write to Casey ,I would ask her to tell the truth and give her child some peace in death

Robin Bray February 25, 2009, 6:57 PM

I will not be contacting her because I think she is guilty and she knows she is guilty. She hasnt any remorse for what she did nor does she feel any remorse for putting her parents through losing a granddaughter. She really thinks she is the victim. Her attitude is only going to make things worse for her as the trial goes forward. She needs mental help. People need to stop sending her money and supporting her. she thinks she can get away with anything and manipulate people into believing she is a victim. This sickens me that she didnt even watch the memorial nor did she request to watch it. This only shows you are a horrible person. Time to be sent out in the general population so you can get a taste of real jail life Casey!

jason February 25, 2009, 7:20 PM

Yeah I could write her a letter but she wouldnt respond though. Like why have you continued to lie about your daughter to the police? Why did you send them on a wild goose chase of more lies and they exposed them and you still lie,lie, and more lies! Yeah your sure innocent alright just like everybody else on deathrow! Yeah I guess the police just pick up anybody including innocent bystanders minding there own business and accuse them is that the theory? lol Is it one giant conspiracy? hahaaahaaaa! Your fate is sealed Casey theres a hot spot in hell for you the devil awaits you there! repent now and save yourself step up to the truth the Lord will punish you for your sins! and your family! I cant wait for this to go to trial to finally see her answer for this crap because there is no answer for she is guilty and the truth to this case would expose her guilt!

Sally February 25, 2009, 7:36 PM

Nah, it’s not George arguing Casey’s case on the blogs under different screennames. It’s Cindy all right. Her posts are riddled with Cindyisms. George is an ex cop. He smelled the dead body in the car trunk and told cops he hated to think it was his granddaughter and that he could raise someone who would do something like that. Cindy wouldn’t cooperate with the investigators because they believed Casey killed Caylee and said “Casey is not a murderer. She loved that little girl.” George went along with the charade that Caylee was alive and Casey was innocent whenever Cindy was around. After Caylee was found dead, it was George who faced reality and wanted to kill himself. Cindy instead maintained that Casey loved Caylee. I think Baez and the dream team will realize they don’t have a chance and convince Casey to plea. It won’t be worth it to the experts to continue to be associated with such a notorious baby killer. Casey is more worried about her public image than serving jail time. She preferred to stay in her cell to face the media and tried to get out of appearing in court. She’s got plenty of court dates where she’ll have to face the media and bloggers who say she is guilty. She’ll plead that she is a victim and it was an accident.

Abigaele February 25, 2009, 8:18 PM

I remember Baez saying last summer that he goes through all of her mail before she does.

SuzieQ February 25, 2009, 9:58 PM

If Cindy cared more for her daughter than for “saving face” she would convince her daughter to beg for a plea deal.

Linda Lee February 25, 2009, 10:07 PM

I will NOT send a letter, she’s NOT worth the price of a stamp!!! I know she killed Caylee and I don’t feel SORRY for her or her manipulative family. They all need to GROW up and get real and TELL THE TRUTH!! There, that’s my letter.

Enid February 25, 2009, 10:38 PM

You’re right, Sally. Judges always encourage both sides to talk and try to reach a plea deal before trial. I’m betting after going over all the evidence, the dream team will throw their hands up in the air and pressure Casey into a plea deal. Casey hates her public image and doesn’t want the media writing that she is a child murderer. The plea will make her look like a loving mother who made a mistake when her child accidentally died and she put the duct tape over the mouth to make it look like a kidnapping. The millions Baez hoped to make with Casey’s story won’t materialize because once she’s convicted she can’t profit from killing her daughter. Baez will get tired of bleeding ulcers and no money coming in to support his family and Linda Kinney Badden, Henry Lee and Lawrence Koblinsky will see that their reputation could be destroyed once they see the evidence and realize they can’t win this case. Besides they are all used to being paid big bucks. The hate mail and negative publicity will make the experts think twice about lying under oath or at least trying to confuse the jury with double talk. It will be difficult to find a jury member on this planet who doesn’t already think she is guilty. The Nanny did it theory is unbelievable.

Teresa S. February 25, 2009, 10:43 PM

I don’t know why Im so divided on the Anthony Family. Cindy Anthony just rubs me the wrong way. I have no doubt in my mind that she truly aches over the loss of her grand daughter, yet at the same time the way she defends her daughter makes me very ill. George Anthony on the other hand to me is a very sweet, loving man (or so it seems) and I truly believe he has no idea what really happened to his grand daughter and I believe he is heartbroken! Casey Anthony on the other hand I have no sympathy whatsoever for. I believe with all my heart she murdered that child. I can’t even begin to call her Caylees mom, because no true loving mother would ever hurt their child. I have a 3 year old and If I paddle her behind I feel horrible, I couldn’t imagine doing something like that to her. Casey is a sociopath, plain and simple. If it’s not about her then she throws her temper tantrums. Everytime I see a photo of her “wiping her tears away” it makes me wish I could be with in a foot of her so I could smack the living daylights out of her, because I wonder if she ever gave her daughter a chance before she murdered her, did she take Caylee’s tears into consideration.

Sick of the Circus February 25, 2009, 11:30 PM

I don’t believe George Anthony would have requested the public write to Casey had he not been on psych meds. I wouldn’t waste my time. People who are sending Casey money in jail so she can buy sweets and hand lotion should donate to the homeless. At least Casey has a home and three meals a day thanks to the taxpayers while her daughter is mere ashes in an urn. It is more than Casey deserves after murdering her two year old and throwing her out with the trash.

beesmom February 26, 2009, 1:16 AM

Ok I just read thru the Detectives report & not sure which page it’s on but it is close to the end, even though the entire 16 pages is worth reading.. it states that when LE went to conduct a Search of the house, Cindy says that a “Pooh blanket has been missing!” She goes on to say that Cindy had already sent someone to that area to conduct a “walk thru to make sure Caylee was not there” & at the time was not found!! Did Cindy send the PI’s there to investigate & that Cindy is who they were talking to on the phone? Why IF the day before Caylee is found were Cindy & George on Larry King & following leads all over the Country while she is having someone checking those woods for little Caylee’s remains? Cindy said all the way to the very END that she refused to believe Caylee was dead & was looking for a live Caylee, why have someone checking the woods for a body? None of this makes sense to me!! I do not get this family at all. Publically they seem to be supporting Casey ALL THE WAY but privately it seems they are not….also in the report Lee tells Annie to tell the Detectives the truth because “Casey has done some bad things and no one should protect Casey!” This report contradicts everything the Anthony’s have said & done publically, I’m not even sure if they know which side of the fence they are on. I have to wonder what the hell they are doing, do they even know? Thoughts on this please because I’m baffled by the actions of everyone in this family now more than ever?!

Anonymous February 26, 2009, 1:35 AM

Casey anthony and other souless killers are just empty shells, not feeling humans, and as such, do not deserve any attention(letters, money etc.) she deserves the death penalty..I believe people like her have forfeited their right to life when they take away anothers.

Sally February 26, 2009, 8:13 AM

Beesmom, you make a great point. That kind of behavior is typical of dysfunctional families. Behind closed doors, they hate each other and tear each other apart emotionally and physically. As soon as dysfunctional families walk out the door, they put on their public face. Smiling and happy, they link arms and are the perfect family, defending each other if someone dare say anything against a family member. Dysfunctional family members see all family members as one. If you criticize Casey, you criticize Cindy or George or Lee. According to Cindy’s brother Bob and Casey’s friends dating back to childhood, Cindy verbally abused Casey in front of her friends calling her a sociopath, a good for nothing high school dropout, a liar, a thief, an unfit mother and said she didn’t care what happened to Casey, all she cared about was Caylee. Now that law enforcement, prosecutors, the media and public are calling Casey a sociopath, liar, thief and murderer, Cindy, George and Lee are defending her saying Casey was a loving mother, daughter and sister and they were a perfect family. Also, notice how Lee said he was “broken” and the family wasn’t “complete” with Caylee dead and Casey in jail. That’s typical of dysfunctional families. They do not see themselves as individuals, but the family makes them a whole person. I would bet Cindy and George are taking medicating their feelings with prescription medication and possibly alcohol but I doubt if they are in counseling. They aren’t open to face the truth and deal with it. Functional family members leave home at 18, go to college or get a job and have their own families and visit their parents and brothers and sisters. They don’t all live in the same home and run each other’s lives.

Sally February 26, 2009, 8:31 AM

PS Functional family members act as individuals and do not perform a role to keep the dysfunction going in the family. In a functional family, members think and feel for themselves and take responsibility for their own behavior. Although they love other family members unconditionally, members of a functional family can detach and don’t excuse bad behavior just because the person is related to them. Very few families are functional. Counseling can teach them how to be functional.

Enid February 26, 2009, 8:44 AM

Beesmom, I have no doubt Cindy, George and Lee know Casey is guilty but they believe it is their duty to “save” their daugher and sister from having to pay the consequences. Cindy sent her PI out to Caylee’s remains site because she knew that’s where Casey would dump a body. She wanted him to destroy the evidence. Since Casey was arrested, Cindy has been on a campaign to lie, cover up and spread “unreasonable” doubt to get her daughter off on murder charges. All of her life Cindy has berated Casey for her bad behavior but denies the bad behavior when anyone tries to give Casey the consequences for that bad behavior.

motherof2 February 26, 2009, 9:08 AM

I do believe she is guilty. I have a 4yr old and a 19 yr old son.
I have written to her. As a Christian I believe that no sin is too big for Christ not to forgive. I pray that justice is served and I believe that it will be served. Caylee deserve at least that. Everyone is so very angry over the loss of this beautiful child. Anger has to be aimed at someone and that person is KC. But think about it does she really care that you are angry and hate her- not really. Anger only hurts the person who is feeling that emotion. I released mine by writing to her.

Charl February 26, 2009, 9:20 AM

I will be happy to send a letter as soon as Cindy, or Baez, or George or SOMEONE can explain to me (and make it believable) a. Why did she wait 30 days to report her missing? b. Why was she partying instead of looking for her child, c.Why was the baby wrapped in a blanket from the house. d. why was there a decomposing body left in Casey’s car? I could go on all day but lets start with these questions. I am serious, if they can answer these questions and MAKE ME BELIEVE THE ANSWERS, I will write to Casey every day until she is in jail. To the people sending her money, PLEASE send that money to an organization that helps abused children. PLEASE

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