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Chris Brown May Have Beat Rihanna For Months

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Sources say they aren't surprised by the R and B singer's alleged attack on his girlfriend.

Chris Brown, Rihanna

If Chris Brown did hit Rihanna last week, it might not have been the first time.

According to, Rihanna told cops that Brown had a history of abusing her before the recent attack that went public and reportedly left her bruised and bloodied.

Us Weekly magazine also quoted unnamed sources close to Rihanna who say this isn't the first time Brown's beaten her.

Here are some recent rumors circulating the Internet:

According to the British paper the Daily Mirror, Brown, 19, was flirting with British singer Leona Lewis, and Rihanna, 20, became angry.

Brown was allegedly speaking to Lewis at a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles before the late-night attack. And an anonymous source says while the interaction was innocent, it "set Rihanna off."

While other sources claim Rihanna got upset over a sexy text message Brown received.

Regardless what the blogs and magazines are reporting, one question remains: If Brown really did attack Rihanna in the past, why would she stay with him?

We went to marriage and family therapist Jane Greer, Ph.D. for answers.

"Just because someone is rich and famous, doesn't exempt them from being a victim of abuse," says Greer. "In fact, often times people who are very beautiful are more insecure which puts them at greater risk for domestic abuse."

Here's how it works. According to Greer, when someone is idealized and valued for their beauty, it can feel strange when a man takes an interest in who they are, as opposed to how they look. So with more invested in that person it's easier to fall head-over-heels in love.

The problem is, the more attached you are to the relationship, the harder it becomes to break away from it, even as the union declines. "What's more, when the person you love turns on you, your intense feelings may motivate you to try to regain their love---even as the abuse continues," adds Greer. "Love can feel like a drug and often people do anything they can to maintain their connection to the person."

"At that point, the relationship becomes simply about keeping the abuser happy to prevent the abuse," she says.

How does the fame factor tie in? "When famous people are in relationships, it can be harder to end them because their lives are scrutinized," says Greer (Makes sense--just consider Bill and Hillary Clinton). "If Brown did attack Rihanna in the past, it's possible she stayed with him for fear of the public finding out. After all, her career could be at stake."

"The scary part is, the abuser knows how to keep their victim in the relationship because they've figured out their weaknesses which they play like a harp," says Greer. "It explains why so many women feel powerless to leave."

Tell us - if Brown did repeatedly beat Rihanna, are you surprised she would stay with him?

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Anonymous March 3, 2009, 11:09 AM

absolutely no comment on this.i live it for them to sourt it out by themselvies.but i think braking apart is not a solution.

Equus June 9, 2009, 9:18 PM

Well all i can say is i hope they are able to pull out of this and move on with their lives. and i am torn, if chris hit her first than he was wrong indeed, but if rihanna attacked him first and started hitting him in the head with a stilleto (as it was reported) then i can see why he would’ve he hit her. i’m a girl, and no i do not like violence against women, but how is it that we can hit a man all we like and just get away with it while a man can not hit us back? its not fair, especially if she was attacking him first. would some of you think of it differently if she had a knife out on him? does he still have to follow the “no hitting a girl” rule? as some have reported rihanna was hitting him while he was driving, if someone was hitting me while i was driving, then yeah i’ll try to knock them out. but chris, if you hit, bit, and choked her over words than you really need to take your punishment and learn from your mistakes, you probably also need a good beat down too. anyways, we don’t know what happend that night i just hope they are able to move on from this and continue their careers. Everyone makes mistakes, no ones perfect hopefully we’ll know the true story by june 22nd. she is to appear in court to give her side, i hope chris doesn’t try to jump over the fence in the court room and try to whoop that girl again.

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