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Cindy Margolis: Mom of Octuplets is "Selfish"

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The most downloaded woman on the on the Internet gives momlogic her two cents on the octuplets -- plus six.

Cindy Margolis

For women who have repeatedly struggled to have children via IVF, the story of the eight plus six is a little hard to swallow. IVF is time consuming, costly and it doesn't always garner results.

When Cindy Margolis, author of "Having a Baby When the Old Fashioned Way Isn't Working," heard about the octuplets' birth, her feelings were decidedly mixed. "If this woman definitely used fertility drugs to have the eight kids", Cindy told momlogic, "I am both happy and angry at the same time. Happy that the babies were healthy, but really angry that a woman with six beautiful and healthy children would feel the need to bring more children into the world."

Cindy, mirroring the feeling of many, is perplexed why the mom would use fertility drugs in the first place. "This woman obviously had no such problem [getting pregnant] and was just being either selfish or immature -- or a little of both."

Cindy knows first hand what it's like to desperately want children. "When you can't get pregnant 'the old fashioned way' ... the path to motherhood is a long, rocky and sometimes heartbreaking journey," the mother of three told momlogic in a recent interview. Margolis' son Nicholas was born after Cindy received IVF treatments. Her twin girls, Sabrina and Sierra were born with the help of a surrogate.

Ultimately, amid all the scrutiny falling on the new family, the model and mother says her main concern is the safety and health of the newborns. "Hopefully, they will be nurtured and loved and cared for and the woman will give them a great home. My prayers go out to the mother and the 'Elite Eight' too!"

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30 comments so far | Post a comment now
Chris January 30, 2009, 8:04 AM

Not that I don’t agree… but who is this lady to pass judgement? A nude model doesn’t really seem to have a platform other than to promote her own book.

Anonymous January 30, 2009, 9:27 AM

What if this mom of the “elite eight” is a surrogate mom and they are just not talking to protect the families involved. We just don’t know enough and even if we did we shouldn’t judge.

Anonymous January 30, 2009, 10:22 AM

Wow! Someone who poses nude for a living is going to pass judgment on someone else? I don’t know why ANYONE cares what SHE thinks. I don’t. I don’t care if that lady in question has 50 kids!
MOMLOGIC—ENOUGH ALREADY with the negativity concerning these babies. They are here and no matter how many people think it was a poor decision it isn’t going to change! Leave them alone and let them be happy….

redmum January 30, 2009, 10:28 AM

LOL a former playboy model gets on her high moral ground.

Ah this is the best laugh I have had all day… Brilliant.

Like the previous poster says the constant outrageous posts about these children is verging on incitement to hatred.

You know posts don’t have to controversial to get noticed.

buzz January 30, 2009, 10:31 AM

Momlogic is going down the river with articles like this.

Michelle at Scribbit January 30, 2009, 11:11 AM

I’ve never visited your site before so I suppose posting a sensational view like this is working for you but honestly? Your story is that a Playboy Playmate is criticizing another woman for what she’s done with her body. The irony is so thick it’s paralyzing.

What kills me the most though is that people are criticizing this woman for bringing that many children into the world “irresponsibly” while millions of drug addicts, prostitutes, teenagers and unfit mothers are doing it by the millions.

Holy cow talk about having your priorities out of whack.

Dayna January 30, 2009, 11:13 AM

I agree with the all of the above comments. The opinions of Miss “I Flash My Crotch For Cash” are to be expected. Momlogic is hard up for news apparently. Pathetic… I’m on the verge of gaining a free spot in my Google Reader.

Cin January 30, 2009, 11:26 AM

The great thing about opinions is everybody gets to have one. This is just Cindy M’s opinion and she is entitled to it. just like you all are allowed to judge her based on her “crotch shots”. Agree or disagree with people but why attack? That’s my two cents :-)

Colleen January 30, 2009, 11:28 AM

Thats it for Momlogic and me. “The most downloaded woman on the internet” should have tipped me. Hey everybody I have an opinion about the octuplets too. Anybody wanna hear it? Naaah, didn’t think so.

Sally January 30, 2009, 12:10 PM

Regardless of how she earns her income her point is this: a lot of people struggle to have kids. this woman was able to have children, why would she continue to try to get pregnant knowing full well that there are people out there who are continuing their struggle when she already has 6 miracles.

and by the way if you all don’t care about what a nude model has to say why did you click on the link and post a comment.

Nadia January 30, 2009, 12:47 PM

This mom is single, has 6 kids, has no job, lives with her parents, is abusing the system, and she took fertility drugs without the consent of a Dr. when she has not fertility issues!!! Now, her family is concocting some story about how she received IVF or insemination. They obviously don’t understand the logistics or expense involved but just want more sympathy and money from others! After all, abusing fertility drugs behind a doctor’s back is pretty deplorable and won’t garner as much sympathy as if she was a victim of some wackjob Dr. Talk about the poster child for a selfish and unfit parent!!! Cindy Margolis may be just some model, but she’s got more common sense than all these “pie in the sky” (let’s not judge) types posting! Judging people’s actions is what higher thinking is all about. It gives us the ability to discriminate between what is right and wrong and what is good for kids and what isn’t. The situation these 14 kids are in is not a healthy, stable one. They’d be a lot better off with families who truly seek children and could offer them a loving, nurturing home. Just my 2 cents and a common opinion amongst most educated child-centered people!

bunnygurl4eva January 30, 2009, 1:12 PM

“when I grow up I want to have lots of babies!”
It’ll be so much fun!
You know,for the TLC and Discovery Health.
I want to be a celeb mom!!
^=^ ^=^
It’s gonna be so Kawaii!

ash January 30, 2009, 2:05 PM

Cindy Margolis is looking for her next 15 minutes of fame and I think this article was pointless and lame. I also don’t think a woman is selfish if she IS fertile and still would like to have multiples. I wouldn’t hold back on my ability to have children nor would I think I am SELFISH of all things. What this lady does is none of our business.

Crystal January 30, 2009, 3:10 PM

I usually comment on aol “top news” daily. This is my first time on mom logic, however. When I first heard of the 8 babies, I was happy for the mother as children are always a blessing. I was seeing a lot of mean comments talking about how if you can’t produce on your own, you shouldn’t at all, how the babies are going to cost more then they are worth, etc. It was so sad! Any women that can’t have kids on their own should see what else is out there. Being a mother is so wonderful and no one should be against that. However, I had no clue the women already had 6 kids! That is outrageous! When you already have 6 and you know once of the risks of the shots is that you can have multiple, why go through with it? It is a bit selfish! You have 6, be thankful for ALL of them! Some can’t have ONE! With that said, they are here and they are still a blessing. I agree with most others commenting, WHO is this PLAYBOY model and why does she have the RIGHT to complain and comment on what is wrong or right? MANY will say getting naked for money and attention is wrong!

SLB January 30, 2009, 3:27 PM

In such an individualistic country, it is astounding that suddenly everyone becomes a socialist when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. I especially love this comment: “(I’m) really angry that a woman with six beautiful and healthy children would feel the need to bring more children into the world.” And this: “This woman obviously … was just being either selfish or immature — or a little of both.”

Is it this Margolis woman’s jealousy that she didn’t carry more than one pregnancy, or is it that we Americans are all about individual choice — until the individual is a pregnant woman??

that is right January 30, 2009, 3:52 PM

SLB good reply! I agree. Just b/c she already had 6 she can’t have anymore b/c some women can’t have any at all? Should she give them away to people that can’t have them? Would that make it fair? Geez..

Dionne January 30, 2009, 4:08 PM

“or is it that we Americans are all about individual choice — until the individual is a pregnant woman??” I like that. That’s good. I like your post although I still do feel that there is something not right with this girl. IF you already have 6 kids and no apparent problem in having them naturally, why would you seek help to have multiples, let alone 8. Plus I could be wrong but she isn’t even in a relationship or married. And it’s not like she is rich. What is the most logical reason for her to have done this??? Maybe it is so she can get a TV show. Maybe she was carrying the babies for multiple people.

cleo January 31, 2009, 8:14 AM

Why is everyone so concerned about this female who has all these kids? If she is single and on welfare, that is her choice not yours. I would rather have my tax dollars go to children in need of food stamps and insurance than it go to the crooked Wall Street fat cats and the CEO’s who are getting bonuses while their companies are going down the crapper. So she used fertility drugs. Are you mad because you don’t have the guts to have and raise a bunch of kids? I think people are just mad because they can’t afford their house payments anymore and they are losing their jobs. Just BE HAPPY for the woman and mind your own business.

Patti January 31, 2009, 12:44 PM

As a mom of two adopted grown daughters I basically agree with Cindy - and her “past” has nothing to do with it. My husband and I tried for years with fertility drugs/treatments, all which failed, and ultimately got our 2 beauties. It is of course the fact that this SINGLE woman already has 6 children - 7 and under - and her seeking fertility treatment to AGAIN become pregnant - that is provoking an outraged response in our country. While it is encumbent upon the family to support the results of her actions it will take a while for the sensationalism to die down. Already look at the cost of this to date - the MILLIONS for the specialists and care - and this is just the beginning. Yes it was her choice - yes, it was her RIGHT (?) - but I say let the “specialist” who did this foot the bill that will in the end fall on the American people.

Diana January 31, 2009, 6:37 PM

Then, you, Cindy Margolis, are selfish, also.
You, CIndy Margolis, are selfish because you spent time, and money on IFV, so you cuold have a biological child; meanwhile - there are children hoping to be adopted, and there are many foster children in need of homes.
YOU ARE selfish, Cindy Margolis.

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