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Is Parenting Less Cool Than Being Single?

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Guest blogger Georgie Hockett:

Woman holding a baby

When I first became a mom, I thought that my new status would instantly show up on my face. "Watch out, a mommy's in the room!" "Don't smoke around the mommy!" Where was I getting this?

Talking to my single friends (or my married friends without kids), I tried to not bring up my daughter without being asked first. I didn't want to be that woman who talks about bm's and binkies the whole time.

But why shouldn't I talk about them? A single person may talk about their job or love life. Why shouldn't I talk about the love of my life -- who cares that she's three months old. My husband tells me not to send out pictures via Snapfish every month. "You'll bore people," he tells me. "I don't care," I reply. "They can always opt-out."

I remember the first time back out on the dance floor after having a baby. Yes, I fit into my pre-baby jeans (barely), but swaying among the club goers, I was sure someone was going to out me. "Shouldn't you be home with your baby?"

But then again, what if some of these people are mommies too? Maybe half of these people are parents and this is date night?

Right then and there I vowed to not be what some single people may think moms are: middle of the road, safe, sterile, stern, stodgy. I decided to be the un-mom. I started wearing my Go-Go's T-shirt with pride, wore heels to the grocery store and taught my daughter the lyrics to "Brick House."

Of course, I still thought I would still get called out: "You're a mother now, put away your Def Leppard T!" And to that I say, "Being 'a mom' is in style, or haven't you heard?"

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