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Exclusive: Interview with Stephanie Nielson

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The creator of the Nie Nie Dialogues answers our questions.

Stephanie Nielson and Family

Mom blogger Stephanie Nielson's life was changed forever when she was in a plane crash last summer and suffered burns on over 80% of her body. Now, for the first time, she opens up about her struggles, her marriage, and her faith.

Momlogic: We all love you so much, Stephanie. How are YOU doing?

Stephanie Nielson: I am doing as well as I can. I have highs and lots of lows, but a fantastic family pulling me through.

Momlogic: Was it surreal for you to first hear about how much attention your blog has gotten since the accident? What was your reaction?

Stephanie Nielson: Yes! I had no idea. When I finally woke up from my coma and was able to check e-mail, I had over 2,000 e-mails from people who enjoyed my blog. It was so nice. People have been so wonderful to me. I really enjoyed reading the e-mails. I read every single one (crying, of course).

Momlogic: What was it like being reunited with your kids for the first time after your accident?

Stephanie Nielson: I was so nice to see them. Truthfully, I was a bit overwhelmed. They had all grown up so much.

Momlogic: How have your children reacted to you since the accident? How are they holding up?

Stephanie Nielson: For the most part, okay. A few are shy and reluctant, since my physical appearance has changed so much.

Momlogic: How is your relationship with Mr. Nielson now? Has this made you a stronger couple?

Stephanie Nielson: Our relationship is very loving. [Things are] of course strained. We are dealing with some pretty harsh choices, and not having a weekly date night really has been hard.

Momlogic: How is Christian doing?

Stephanie Nielson: Christian is a champ. He has taken this so well. He cares for me with the utmost love and care. He has his moments, but relies on the power of prayer immensely. He also believes in miracles.

Momlogic: How do you feel toward your sisters, who have taken care of your children while you are recovering?

Stephanie Nielson: Words could never describe my gratitude. There is no way a proper thank you is good enough. I just love them so much. Lots and lots of love.

Momlogic: What are your feelings toward all the mom bloggers who have supported you?

Stephanie Nielson: Oh heavens! I am so blessed to have had so much attention from them. They really all have stepped it up for me. I have gained so much from them.

Momlogic: What kinds of goodies have you been getting in the mail from your fans?

Stephanie Nielson: Ohh, everything from dolls, blankets, cards, paintings, funds ... everything. It has been so thoughtful and much needed at this time in my life.

Momlogic: How instrumental has your faith been in your recovery?

Stephanie Nielson: It is everything. I have a divine purpose here on this earth, and I know I will be healed. My prayers have and continue to be answered. There have been powerful promises made to me -- I believe them. It is everything.

Momlogic: You have always been so positive in your blog. Do you have that same positive outlook now that you've been through such a traumatic experience?

Stephanie Nielson: Yes -- but that is not to say I don't cry like a baby everyday! Like I mentioned, I know my future, and it is good, so being positive shines out of discouragement.

Momlogic: The blogs about your dressing changes, wound care, and physical therapy have been especially poignant. How difficult is this for you?

Stephanie Nielson: Nothing in my life has been this hard. Some days, I want to quit. Some days, I want to stop it all. When it gets hard, I think about my kids, Christian, and making dinner. Then somehow it gets better.

Momlogic: On your blog, you say: "Tomorrow, you should hear bedtime list. It involves WAY more crying." Do you cry often? Is that therapeutic for you?

Stephanie Nielson: Crying has been good for me. At first, it was 10 times a day. Now it has tapered off. I just can't spend too much time sad.

Momlogic: During your lowest moments, what pulls you through?

Stephanie Nielson: Prayer. Christianity. Family. God.

Momlogic: What blessings have come from this experience?

Stephanie Nielson: A lot. Some very personal. Changes in people's outlooks have been cool to see.

Momlogic: Many mothers who are impacted and influenced by your blog would have never known about it if the crash had never happened. Why do you think God chose you to go through this journey?

Stephanie Nielson: To learn something or a lot or somethings to make it back in to the presence of God. To help others, to help family. Everything in this life has a reason. This has a reason that I hope one day I will more clearly see ... need to get off my narcotics first. Ha.

Momlogic: Do you ever plan to fly in a small plane again?


Momlogic: Having gone through what you have, what message do you have for other moms?

Stephanie Nielson: Use the power of prayer in your daily life. Have faith and hope, and remember people love you.

We certainly love you, Nie Nie. Visit Stephanie's blog here.

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K&C's mom February 10, 2009, 12:01 AM

Thank you Momlogic for sharing this!!! What an inspiration she is!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Krissy February 10, 2009, 11:07 AM

I was so happy to read this! We are praying for you Stephanie!

Marie February 10, 2009, 10:00 PM

Stephanie is amazing and I wish her all the best.

Anonymous February 12, 2009, 1:02 PM

Thanks for this. Stephanie is a total stranger and yet she has deeply impacted my life.

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