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Public Memorial For Caylee Scheduled

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A public memorial is set for Caylee Anthony. Will her mother Casey be watching from jail?

The remains of Caylee Marie Anthony, discovered on December 11th of last year, will finally be honored in a public ceremony. It was announced yesterday that the memorial will be held Tuesday, February 10 at 10 AM at the First Baptist Church of Orlando. Thousands of people are expected to gather to pay their respects to the toddler.

The big question on everyone's minds is will Casey Anthony be able to watch the televised event in the Orange County Jail? According to Allen Moore, a rep for the jail, many news outlets are getting the answer wrong. Everywhere it's being reported Casey will be able to watch on it television. Moore simply says it's just, "inaccurate reporting. "Yes, she can make a request to watch television," he explains, "but that does not mean it will granted." The fact is she has made no such request but, explains Moore, "Even if she did there are many variables as to whether she'd be given permission."

There is a television in the unit where Anthony is housed, "but it is rarely on," says Moore. The reason it's off is a matter of jail operations. Anthony is also housed with psychological observation inmates, who are too easily disrupted by television and discipline inmates who are not allowed to watch TV. Also, Anthony's status as a "protective custody" inmate makes it difficult to schedule TV time. "When she's out of her cell, everyone else has to be in theirs," says Moore. Then there's the question of if the memorial will be broadcast at a time that coincides with Anthony's time out of her cell.


There is only one way Anthony might witness her daughter's memorial: that's by listening to it. If the event is broadcast on the radio, she can listen to it on her $21 Sony radio she purchased from the jail's commissary. The radio is specifically designed for inmates in U.S. corrections facilities: it has a transparent case to prevent inmates from using it to conceal things.

With all the rumors circulating around about possibly attending private memorials or watching it on TV, it's still not clear if Casey even wants to attend. Could it be it's a ploy from her lawyers to generate sympathy for their client?

Recently released documents in the Casey Anthony case:

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Search Warrant

Casey Anthony Hearing

Casey Anthony Hearing

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Sara Jane February 6, 2009, 8:15 PM

Since when is a memorial scheduled prior to a funeral? Lay this child to rest! In my opinion maybe Casey Anthony should be allowed to watch the service and stay for all the comments thereafter – the supportive and the angry parents who want Casey to tell the truth – which is rather doubtful as now her best defense is to stick with the ‘I am innocent, just like Richard Kimble. I am being railroaded by the police! Just ask my lawyers. Oh, woe is me! Remember, “I am the victim here!”’ But then again it will just feed into here psychosis – the world revolves around her – ‘See all the news channels are talking about me!’ Caylee who? Oh, “the little snot-head.” Forget the media circus, lets have a reality check! Based on the evidence released by the state – Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death! Who else? Zanny (Xanax) the Nanny?! Do you know anyone who will baby-sit/Nanny for free? Remember she had no money and no job, she lied about working x 2 plus years, the only money she had was just what she stole from her family and friends. So, where will you be Tuesday?

connie February 7, 2009, 6:57 AM

Why would Casey want to see the memorial for her daughter on Tuesday ???? She already buried her daughter 2 times when she buried Caylee in her backyard and then dug her up and threw her into those woods …. she already had her own private service as Caylee lay rotting in the trunk of her car.

Sally February 7, 2009, 10:19 AM

Casey is not going to want to watch Caylee’s public memorial on TV or listen to it on the radio. She also is not going to want to meet with her parents to mourn Caylee’s murder. Out of sight. Out of mind. Once she killed the obstacle standing in the way of her freedom after planning the murder for months, Casey never looked back. Don’t forget that after murdering Caylee, Casey got a tatoo: “Beautiful Life”, which to her meant pole dancing, partying, having sex, eating pizza, cooking for her boyfriend, text messaging, emailing and telephoning friends. It meant freedom from taking care of a child and freedom from her parents. Her behavior ever since her arrest shows she wants to forget Caylee ever existed. Whenever anyone asked her questions about Caylee’s whereabouts she either lied or threw a tantrum making it all about Casey, and not Caylee. Casey doesn’t care and never did care about Caylee. All she cares about is Casey.

Sara Jane February 7, 2009, 11:59 PM

From the very beginning of this case, I prayed Caylee would be found. But the more the story evolved the more horrified I became as to the truth of it all. Within weeks of this case hitting the airwaves I knew Caylee was dead and the one that should have protected her the most was responsible for it. I do not know if Casey Anthony’s intention was homicidal in nature. But, without a doubt the result of her actions caused the death of her own child. For that alone she should be imprisoned. Should Casey have a fair trial? Yes! Prosecutors should present all the evidence. Baez and his ‘Girl Friday’ should present a defense. The law must be followed. The truth must win out. The murderer of Caylee Anthony will be convicted. And her name is Casey Anthony. May the next party she attends be in Hell!

Linda Lee February 8, 2009, 2:37 PM

To Connie:
Well, I know Casey doesn’t want to watch the Memorial. If she did, Jose Bozo the Baez would whine until he got what Casey or HE wants. Remember the laptop. Yeah, Casey watches the NG show whenever Bozo goes to see her. She’s sooooooooooo guilty!!

Jane February 9, 2009, 12:03 AM

Casey Anthony got a tattoo “Beautiful Life” after her daughter, Caylee went missing? I have not followed this case, but what I have seen and heard totally disgusts me. In a normal world, a world my family has known, a little girl like Caylee would be watched 24 hours by family members. There would never have been a “missing child case” to deal with and worry about. This case is truly creepy and borders on the unbelievable.

Ten Tees January 9, 2011, 1:50 PM

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