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Help! My Son is Being Bullied

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There is a kid who keeps PUSHING my son at school. And I don't know what to do about it!

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Guest blogger Traci: My second-grade son is being bullied.

He keeps getting pushed by the same kid. This child is at least a head or two shorter than my son.

The kid pushes him on the playground a lot. Yesterday, he pushed him in the lunch room. HARD.

I would love to go up and say something to this child. I would love to throttle this child. I would love to push this kid and see how he likes it.

Of course, I will do none of these things, because I feel like it would only make things worse. My son needs to fight this battle on his own and show the kid he will not take this kind of behavior.

We told him to tell the bully to QUIT PUSHING HIM (in a mean voice!).

But if that doesn't work, should we tell him to push the kid back? Tell the teacher? Go to the principal?

Bullying expert Ross Ellis, president of Love Our Children USA, says my son should say something to the bully like "This is boring ... stop it!" or "Stop doing it -- I don't like it." If that doesn't work, she suggests he just say: "ENOUGH!"

If it continues, she suggests he tell the teacher. If the teacher doesn't do anything, she said I should go to the principal and tell him the situation, then ask what the school is going to do about this. "Too many schools have an anti-bullying program but do nothing," she says. "Because he's at school, they are his caretaker, and they need to handle the situation."

Moms: What would YOU do?

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25 comments so far | Post a comment now March 1, 2009, 11:16 PM

Believe it or not, I just did a post on my 4 year old who’s being bullied in pre-school. Really frustrating. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, but this won’t be the last time we confront this I’m sure.

Kim March 4, 2009, 7:14 PM

The only advice I can give is to go to the teacher/principal and keep going back every time your kid is bullied. Document what’s going on and go to the school board if nothing is being done. Unfortunatley there are alot of teachers that don’t give a crap and principals that can’t be bothered to do anything about it. You are your child’s only advocate! We have a “zero tolerance” for bullying here in BC but that means squat in my opinion. My son(now in grade 7) was bullied severely from grades 2-6. The kids are getting away with it and there have never been any consequences so why would they stop? My child has no self confidence and says he hates everyone in his class because they are all mean. Can’t blame him but it sure worries me. I had kids in grade 4 telling him to kill himself! Still when I went to the principal nothing was done! My son had his personal belongings stolen, lunches stomped on, his face spit on, his tooth knocked out, “jokes” played on him, called a loser and a dork on a regular basis. He came home from school hunched over and said to me “Mom, I’m just a loser.” It breaks my heart. I caught a kid red handed throwing his stuff in the trash and when I went to the principal he actually took the kids word over mine and said he didn’t do it! I have lost all confidence in the school system. This is supposed to be one of the best schools in the province! I tried talking to the bullies mother and she turned out to be a bully herself. She actually told me my son (had problems) and deserved it! So she’s teaching her child that if someone is different that it’s okay to bully them! My son’s only difference is that he has no confidence. He is smart, good-looking and a good kid. He can make friends wherever he goes except this school. He is just the one to pick on because that’s what the “popular” kids do. I just hope the damage can be reversed and his high school experience is a good one. I will home school him if things get bad again for him in high school. I think things are going better this year but how do you really know what’s going on unless you put a hidden camera on the kid? Bullying hurts and it’s up to the parents to teach their kids right from wrong! It seems like unless it’s your kid on the receiving end most parents don’t give a hoot. Not my problem. Really it’s all of our problem! Who’s problem is it when the kid who was bullied goes to school one day with a gun? Only then do people say, “maybe we should of done something about it”. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

nikki July 27, 2009, 2:23 PM

I am also getting bullied me and my boyfriend are getting bullied from the same person. He says the call him gaylord. They (not bringing up names) threw a baseball at my head. It sadly hit my eye!!! My home & carriers teacher said to ignore it but it got worse. Then rumours went around that I throw puppies at walls!!! So I was thiking this is out of hand. I walked up to the bully then I yelled “STOP JUST NOCK IT OFF WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DOING THIS TO PEOPLE”.The next day it stopped then I saw the bully coming up to me smiling and they said “:)You changed my feelings how I will act(:”

Kimberlie March 5, 2010, 9:23 PM

My 13 year daughter is being made fun of because she has Eczema. Two kids are telling the other kids that Bri has a contagious disease and that if they hang around her they will get it. For some reason my daughter keeps getting classes with her and when she has to grade her papers she makes a big deal about wiping her hands off. In the hallways in between classes they make a big deal about walking around her. She is constantly telling my daughter what she can wear and what she cant and calling her hateful names. This has gone on since 2004 and I talked til I was blue in the face about wanting these girls kept away from my daughter. They always manage to get in the same classes. Because of our last name, Bri is stuck between both their lockers. The school has finally moved her locker after complaints from me. I can’t get in to see the Principle because she is doing evaulations. I feel like they are protecting the girl because her mom is a teacher’s aide there and I am ready to send my daughter to school with a voice recorder to prove its happening. Telling Bri to ignore it isn’t helping and now other students are starting to get involved with making fun of her.
Bri is to nice and loving to stand up and sass her back. when she did once, she was the one who got caught and got into trouble. I feel like the school is protecting the bully. Sure they told Bri to go to the councilor’s office and they would teach her how to handle being bullied, but I have never heard them say they would talk with the bullies and their parents.

AliciaVelez33 May 28, 2010, 12:07 AM

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