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Hot For Power: One Mom's Confession

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Even the manager at McDonalds has power, and just ask the girl in drive-thru, I'd bet someone there has a crush on him. Chicks dig power.

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NorEast Mom: I have a rather embarrassing confession to make. On January 20th, I was completely riveted to the television, taking in the inauguration, celebrating with the nation. I love President Barack Obama, and I feel the country has been truly blessed with a leader of his integrity, wisdom, and eloquence. That being said, prior to the inauguration, I viewed him as a handsome man, closer to my age than any former president in my lifetime, and charming. Not a man I would glance at in a restaurant, however; too thin for me, not enough of a jawline, just not someone I would naturally find attractive. Here is my shameful admission, though; only minutes after he became the most powerful leader in the world, I can only think of one word when his image pops up on the news ... Hot, hot hot.

What happened? Has he been working out? Did he get a chin implant? No, I think not. The difference is one thing, and that is POWER. Although women get angry when men are drawn to youth, we are just as guilty, but our aphrodisiac is power. I'm sure this tendency is a throwback to the cave days, but it's still very much alive in our culture. Take a look: when the next "She left him for him?" or "He left her for her?" puzzle presents itself, usually the female in question is younger, but not necessarily more attractive or successful, than her predecessor. In the reverse scenario, the new male usually has power; he's a boss, a professor, a doctor, a town councilman. Even the manager at McDonalds has power, and just ask the girl in drive-thru, I'd bet someone there has a crush on him. Chicks dig power.

Its easy for us to be horrified when a man (particularly our husband) checks out a young woman who is clearly not as attractive as their mate, but don't we do the same? I wonder what its like for the husbands when we come home from the dermatologist's office gushing, "Wow, the doctor knew everything that was wrong. You know, he went to Harvard... he's presenting lecture to his colleagues next week on rashes... I'm really lucky to have found Dr. Hotpants." Clearly that must be intimidating, especially when the man is less attractive than them. Worse, our men can't snap their fingers and be president, while we have the comforts of line fillers and brow lifts to contend with those little twenty-somethings. That being said, my husband has a better chance statistically of running off with that drive-thru girl mentioned above, than I do of running off with Barack, or even the rash doctor. And he'd get free supersize fries for the rest of his life. Hmmm, that IS a bit threatening ...

Of course, the solution is to know that while someone might turn your head and spark a chemical reaction that screams, Hello!, sexual attraction is short lived and really a distraction that cannot be dwelled upon. Whether you're a family man or family woman, it is wise to reflect on previous experiences of youth to know that initial attraction rarely predicts the staying power of a relationship, so temptations like these are dead end streets, and deadly to your family. Better off getting creative ... tonight my husband and I will play our "Obama meets drive-thru girl" fantasy. I've even picked up some fake ears and a hairnet. Should be a real power trip!

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