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When Your Hubby is a Stick in the Mud

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Homeschool Mom: What to do when your husband doesn't like to do "kid things"?

family in amusement park

A funny thing happened on my way out of the delivery room thirteen years ago, and I didn't even realize it until two children later. Not only did I become, nurse, vet, housecleaner, cook etc... I am also; Julie the cruise director of our Love Boat and my husband is the difficult-to-please passenger. You see, I say "Let's take the kids to Disneyland!" and he says "But I don't like Disneyland."

Interesting, because I don't like Disneyland either, but I wasn't suggesting it for our entertainment -- I was suggesting it for the children's entertainment. And it doesn't stop there either.

"The children would like to see 'Hotel for Dogs.'" "That looks dumb." Hello? It wasn't made to entertain college grads, it was made for tiny adolescent minds. So, I end up making the children's entertainment plans and vacations and either dragging along my reluctant husband or going myself. God forbid any of these excursions should actually go awry, like a kid gets sick, or the movie is sold out, because the groaning can be heard for miles away.

When another family asks us over for dinner I have to be careful as well, because my husband hates TV and video games and if you take him somewhere where people might engage in these activities, well ... The groaning and gnashing of teeth will be never ending until you release him from the hell.

The funny thing is, most adults don't enjoy children's entertainment. That is why it has "children's" in front of the word "entertainment". How do I make him stop griping and just be a good sport??

Sooner than later it will be just us, and then we can see all the symphonies and art flicks we want.

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ashley February 6, 2009, 8:05 AM

It sounds to me like he needs a Xanax and a beer!!

Anonymous February 6, 2009, 8:33 AM

thankfully, i don’t have this problem. anytime i say lets go _______. he says, “oh, i think the kids would LOVE that!!!, lets do it saturday!” he goes and has a great time with the family. the only thing i can’t drag him to is a Wiggles concert! so me and my mom and his mom take the little one.

ame i. February 6, 2009, 9:41 AM

This husband needs to stop being so selfish and consider the children before himself.

Anon February 6, 2009, 9:41 AM

My ex-husband is still like this, but it’s because he’s selfish and self-centered. If HE doesn’t think it’s fun, he won’t do it, not even for our daughter. For example,he won’t watch Dora with her because he thinks it’s annoying - if she insists, he asks she doesn’t yell the things at the screen when Dora asks her to. He’ll watch action movies while she plays dolls and claims the violence in them is a non-issue because “she’s not watching, she’s just in the room.”

I had to take her to “Space Chimps” because he wouldn’t. He has sent her copy of “The Cat in the Hat” movie to my place because he refuses to watch it. So on, so forth. I’m not a fan of any of these either, but our daughter enjoys them so much, and I do things and watch things and such for HER. She’s only a child once.

Therefore, I think the poster’s husband is immature and pretty selfish too. He needs to buck up, quit whining, and take one for the team, as it were. Because those kids will be grown up and gone before he knows it…and I’ll bet he wishes he had a few more good moments with them then, rather than ones where he was griping and moaning about doing things they like to do.

Ben's Momma February 6, 2009, 11:58 AM

My husband is the same way.

Anonymous February 6, 2009, 12:47 PM

This is funny because just last night my husband and I were watching tv and a preview for the new Pink Panther movie came on and my daughter said how much she liked the 1st one and want to see this one and my husband asked “did I see that?” and I said probably not. I usually take the kids to the movies because theyre ususally too kiddie for him. But in his defense he does love playing video games, go carting, the driving range and many things that I don’t like to do and he will do these things with the kids. I guess we kinda balance it out that way.

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