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My Man Makes Me Sick ... When I'm Sick!

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Rather than staying home and taking care of me, my husband went out and got drunk with his buddies. Imagine if I'd done that to him?

sick woman thinking of her husband

Guestblogger MILF Mommy: I don't get sick much, but when I do, it hits me: the fever, the chills, the sore throat, the whole deal. My husband, however, gets sick a lot. Sick meaning he has a cold yet acts like he is dying. When this happens he, like most men, becomes a child: needs to be tucked in, fed, I practically have to blow his nose. Guess what happened when the tables turned?

(Phone rings)
Me: (barely audible or able to lift my head) Hello?
Him: Babe! Hey! It's me! S'up?
Me: (coughing and thinking he's calling to see if I want some chicken soup) Oh. Hi.
Him: Babe! Can I go to the Laker game tonight? Just got invited!
Me: Tonight?
Him: YEAH! Great seats, front row babe! I'm gonna go, k?
Me: (thinking he might be kidding) Ummmm, well ... I guess. Really?
Him: Cool. Love ya. Bye!
Me: Hello? Hello? (coughing fit)

Now, had HE been sick, this would have NEVER happened. One, because if my girlfriends called to ask me out I would have automatically said no. Secondly, he put me in a bad position by even asking because had I said "No, I need you home" I would have been that annoying wife that doesn't let her husband do anything. Later, when he called to say he was on his way to the game, I finally told him I would have rather had him home. His response? "Why, you're just laying there anyway. Not much I can do!" "You could make me dinner!" I responded. "Ohhh big deal! You have to make dinnerrrr" he said.

This turned into a two-day fight, because after the game he didn't come home for several hours. Where was he? Out drinking with his friends. Are you friggin' kidding me?

I was so pissed. The next time he is sick, even the REAL deal sick, I am planning a night out on the town with the girls. He'll just be laying there anyway, not much I can do ...

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    Anna November 12, 2010, 4:15 AM

    ohhh, it sucks, I’ve had such a situation before…
    Dishwasher was a better comfort for me than him then :)

    nora February 5, 2011, 8:23 AM

    I had early stages of breast cancer. I had a double masectomy with reconstructive surgery 6 months later. The worst part of all this was the way my husband treated me. He was horrible. He never took care of me. He complained as he cooked dinner and took care of our son. But he never sat with me, brought me food,not one flower nothing.He went out almost everynight. Once he was home with a buddy and I was trying to get out of bed when I fell and coudn’t get up. I did manage to get up but I was on my own. It was the harded time for me. I almost left him because of that. and sometimes I think I should have.

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