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I'm the Babysitter, Not the Housekeeper

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Guest blogger Mary Poppins: I hate to sound greedy, but if you want me to clean your house you are going to have to pay me more than $10 an hour. In fact, even if you did pay me more, I would still not do it because I'm also watching your three kids all under the age of 5.

Woman cleaning. Kids playing
I don't know what world you live in, but FYI watching three toddlers IS hard. I don't have time to steam their play clothes, mop the floors and dust the furniture. I barely have time to get their breakfast bowls in the sink by the time lunch rolls around.

I know this probably seems foreign to you since you are never home with all three of your kids at one time because they "overwhelm" you when you are on your own, but that's what I do. So please spare me the lecture that you and your husband are OCD germaphobes and you like things overly cleaned because guess what -- I'm NOT DOING IT! I refuse wholeheartedly to iron your 10-month-old daughter's socks so that they don't have wrinkles when we go for a walk. I also refuse to iron pajamas. That is just stupid.

When you take them to your firm's holiday party, yes. I will dress your girls in the taffeta dresses and I will iron your sons' dress shirts so they all look adorable. However, please refrain from explaining to me for the ten millionth time how you like YOUR clothes to be washed. Because again, I'M NOT DOING IT! You are seriously deranged if you think for one second I'm going to go into your and your husband's hamper and wash your clothes. Get a maid or learn how to sort your whites from your darks and press start.

You keep getting confused on what you hired me for, but don't worry, I'm paid to watch your kids, so that's all I'm doing.

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sick of lazziness August 6, 2009, 10:59 AM

I was a babysitter from age 13 to 19. After college, I was a working mom. Now in my 40’s I work at home and with my second family, I use a babysitter in my home for my 6 yr old and 2 yr old. When I used to babysit, I made the children my priority, and in my free time I did very light cleaning like dishes and vacuuming. When I worked, my babysitter watched my children (I hope), and did dishes. Now, being in the home working while the babysitter is here, I can see very clearly, that she has copious amounts of time, as the children prefer to entertain themselves and only need supervision, (her awareness of what and where). She spends her extensive free time: talking to friends on the phone, texting boys, watching tv, reading books, sometimes napping. But, she refuses to clean anything, even her own mess. Her statements: “They’re your kids”, “I’m not the mom”, “I’m the babysitter, not the maid.” Yet, in addition to her own messes, I provide her pay, and she eats our food. I feel disrespected and taken advantage of by her. It seems to me she takes no pride in her work, and is only willing to do the bare minimum required to collect pay. Yet, I find that attitude present in many 20 something year old kids today, even in my own adult children. Apparently, the inequality of gender pay from my generation made us women work harder and take pride in our efforts, yet, these days the younger work force seem to lack good work ethics. Perhaps that will change in the recession, when I can easily replace your laziness by an out of work mother who needs to feed her own family and will do a better job. See if your, “I’m the babysitter, not the maid” attitude serves you so well then!

Katherine September 16, 2009, 8:58 PM

Was a sitter for 26yrs now I am a house cleaner and your right they just don’t get it! Lots of work for little money.

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