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What Guys REALLY Did at the Super Bowl

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We have an inside source!

man at a stripclub

Momlogic's Yvette Manessis Corporon: If you've been reading my blogs, you probably know by now that I'm not exactly a football fan. As a producer for "EXTRA," I was in Tampa over the weekend covering the Super Bowl. I figured maybe this assignment would be my big chance to finally turn me -- a football widow -- into a football fan. Well, I'm happy to report that this trip was a real eye-opener -- and it had nothing to do with the game.

Here's the thing, there were A LOT of women in town -- and they didn't care about the game, either. Let's put it this way: Within one hour of landing in Tampa, I was treated to this little fun fact ... there are as many strip clubs in town as there are McDonalds -- 43, according to my local source. And from what I saw, they're usually right across the street from each other. I mean, it makes perfect sense, right -- don't you crave a Big Mac after a night of boozing and lap-dancing? That's hard work -- both giving and receiving lap dances, I mean. You can see why fries and floozies really are a perfect pairing.

Now, in case you were wondering, the "ladies" are not exactly confined to the clubs. Nope, they're free to roam the streets and random parties as well. In fact, I overheard one particularly fascinating conversation between two "spokesmodels" while in the ladies room one night. NO -- they are not allowed to wear bras and YES -- the fact that it's chilly out is good for business. But don't worry about the girls catching a cold or anything. Chivalry's not dead -- not at the Super Bowl anyway. There were plenty of guys on hand who were kind enough to offer up their jackets or even their own body heat in order to warm the poor girls up.

Now don't get me wrong. There were some really amazing women there as well -- and some were even really into the game. In fact, on the red carpet one night, we gave a football quiz to Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian and Jenny McCarthy. Carmen and Kim nailed it with 5 out of 5, but it was model mom Jenny McCarthy who came through with the touchdown. When asked what a wide receiver and tight end are, Jenny didn't miss a beat. She said: "What Jim did to me last night. I was his tight end and he was my wide receiver." I don't know about you, ladies -- but Jenny McCarthy is my new hero and I'll certainly never look at football the same way.

That's all from Tampa for now, but be sure to watch "EXTRA" to see more on the Super Bowl celebs and parties. Keep an eye out for more of my Football Widow at the Super Bowl blogs right here on momlogic.

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