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Lindsay Lohan: Kindergarten Role Model?

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This week, in the momlogic community, I asked if I should let my daughter watch "The Parent Trap." Here's what moms had to say.

lindsay lohan

Momlogic's Julie: "The Parent Trap" is playing incessantly on cable right now, and my daughter loves it. In fact, she has watched it four times. But now that all the rumors of Lindsay Lohan being anorexic have me worried.

Is it really appropriate that I'm letting my kindergartener watch Lindsay Lohan movies -- even if they were shot when she was 10?

Here's how the moms "weighed" in (pun intended!):

"OMG she looks so scary! I think it's okay because your daughter is watching an unrecognizable Lindsay. I think it's important to separate the character from the actress -- great discussion topic with little ones." - JackieMac

"JEEZ. This photo is frightening. I really do think it's okay for her to watch 'The Parent Trap.' I agree with Jackie -- great discussion topic with the little ones and 'old Lindsay' is a great example of a healthy, happy, normal girl." - Jenny

"WTF?? And by that I mean Where's The Fat???!" - Andrea

"Yikes! 'The Parent Trap' is such a fun movie, however, I don't see anything wrong with it. I guess you could talk about the fact that actresses on the screen aren't always the best role models. Moms are!" - Carolyn Dileo

What do you think? Join the discussion in the momlogic community.

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