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Married People: Kiss More!

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The key to a happy marriage may not just be about compromise ... Apparently, a little tongue goes a long way!

couple kissing

momlogic's Jenny: The other night my husband and I were out to dinner with one of our best friends. "Uncle G," as he is affectionately referred to in our circle, has yet to find a Mrs. Uncle G.

While catching up over work, life, and day to day BS, we somehow got into a conversation about marriage, chatting about how little time there is anymore for anything. My husband quickly started in on his "we never do it anymore" shtick while I, as his sidekick did the "oh, stop, yes-we-do! (no we don't) roll-my-eyes thing." We started to argue, jokingly over who falls asleep on the couch first, when Uncle G chimed in: "Do you guys kiss?"

Huh? We both looked up. "Do you guys kiss?" He asked again.
"Sure, we kiss." I said.
"Like a lot?" he said.
"Yes (No)," my husband and I said at the same time and shot each other a look.
Uncle G said, "I think that if you guys kissed every day for 10 seconds, you would have the perfect marriage."
We laughed. "Seriously! Ten seconds?! Ten seconds -- that's nothing!" He went on to tell us that in ten seconds, we could reconnect, be intimate, and close ourselves off to day to day stress and chaos.

At first, I thought this oh-so-simple notion was sweet. How cute and naive ... How very romantic to think that everything could just melt away once our lips met ... But then I started to wonder, does he have a point? Could our perpetually single (though perfectly suitable) friend have the secret to a happy marriage? Has Uncle G cracked the code?!

Well, he's definitely on to something! In fact, one of our momlogic Community members named Spirit even posted a blog today called challenging couples to kiss 15 seconds a day. She wants to "kiss it forward!"  Of course, commenter BlockisHOT brings up some interesting questions: "1. Do you do all 15 seconds at once? 2. Do you find that it happens first thing in the morning to get the seconds out?  And most importantly... Who is doing the counting?!"

Seriously. Who IS counting?

Jokes aside, there is actually even a book called "The 10 Second Kiss" by Ellen Kreidman echoes the exact same sentiments. Kreidman claims that "engaging in a ten-second kiss every day declares that you are lovers -- not just roommates. It helps you stay connected. Even though you may tell your mate you love them every day, giving them a ten-second kiss tells them, 'I'm still in love with you.'"

What do YOU think? Do you and your husband kiss? Is ten seconds all it takes?

Pucker up and share your thoughts with me!

Want more? Connect with Jenny in the momlogic community.

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