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Mel B on Motherhood

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The former Spice Girl talks about babies, balance, and how she maintains that rockin' bod.

Mel B

The celeb mom of two gets real with reporter Chris Yandek of Here's what she had to say.

Chris: How can busy moms stay fit?

Mel B: It's all about time management and what is quick, easy, and healthy. Keep it consistent. I do my workout two or three times a week -- whether it be by myself or with my girlfriends who come over and do it with me. It keeps me motivated 'cause I don't want to slack off.

Chris: How to you make time for your marriage, your baby, and your fitness routine?

Mel B: It's all about balance as well. You have to have time with your kids, time for yourself, and time with the husband to be able to function in life and get the best out of yourself. So far, so good. I am not doing too bad with balancing the whole juggling act between everything. I really enjoy everything I do as well, luckily."

Chris: How do feel about the tabloid attention you receive?

Mel B: If anything, I'll look at a picture and say, "Oh dear, why did I wear that? Oh, that doesn't look too bad. I'll wear that again." I don't really let it get into my psyche that much or let it get me down or [think] "Oh my God, look at what I look like." Everybody has good days and bad days, and I get on with it. I find it kind of funny that people think I am that interesting. It's good!"

Chris: How was it renewing your vows with husband Stephen Belafonte in Egypt back in November?

Mel B: We had a traditional Egyptian wedding with all the kids and it was just brilliant. Actually the morning of my wedding day, we took everybody out into the desert and rode bikes and then we went for camel rides. Not many people can say that on their wedding day that they went dirt-biking in a deserted desert and then went on a camel and then a couple of hours later got married in a full-on traditional Egyptian swagger. It was brilliant.

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