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Michelle Obama, My BFF

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The First Lady is my best friend on Facebook, anyway ... 

michelle obama is my bff

Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: Michelle Obama's my friend ... on Facebook. I'd like to think we have a special kinship. We're moms. We wear J Crew. We're tall. But, sadly, none of those things matter. Michelle is one of those Facebook types who friends everybody. I'm merely another notch in her belt, one of 370,836 friends vying for her attention. Our budding Facebook relationship has nothing to do with my height. I doubt she'd even notice if I sent her a (lil) green patch.

Michelle is the first First Lady to have a Facebook page. That's a heavy burden to bear. Laura Bush never got around to setting hers up, or maybe she was more of the MySpace type. So it's come down to Michelle to blaze the path. And. I hate to say it, but she's not the best Facebook friend.

Between the Inaugural balls and the weekend trips to Chicago, she probably doesn't have much time to update her page. In fact, she hasn't posted any new videos of her husband or kids since she moved into the White House.

But that hasn't stopped friends -- or "supporters" as they're called on her politician page -- from writing on her wall. Grace in Hong Kong wanted Michelle to know that she loved sudoku, too. It made me feel a little sheepish. I'd never heard of sudoku until I saw it listed as one of Michelle's "interests." Cherie in Chattanooga saw the Vogue photo spread. "All I can say is LOVE the fuchsia dress! Classy, very classy!!" Most of Michelle's friends just want her to know how much they like her. For example: "You rock, Michelle: Continue to be the woman, the mother, and the wife God gifted you to be," wrote Belinda in San Francisco. Vanessa in the East Bay wanted Michelle to know that she was "a neat person." Some offer advice, like David in Montreal, who had a tip for how Michelle could get her husband to quit smoking.

And then there are the Michelle groups. Like Michelle Obama Foot Fetishists, with four members or the Michelle Obama is a Man group, with 31 members. But Michelle doesn't link to those groups. She prefers the Women for Obama group, which I think is a much better choice than Michelle Obama is my Shero.

If being friends with Michelle is a lonely road to travel, try being friends with her husband. Barack has more than five million Facebook friends. He could have linked to the group, Obama is God. He could have cashed in on Burger King's "unfriend 10 friends for a Whopper offer" and wouldn't have noticed the difference. But I'm glad he didn't, if only because he's good about updating his status. Unlike some people ...

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