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Miley Cyrus Offends Asians Everywhere

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Oh no -- Hannah Montana is at it again!

Miley Cyrus has made headlines with her racy MySpace and Vanity Fair photos ... now she's moved on to offending ethnic groups. What a role model!

miley cyrus pretending to be asian

The OCA -- a group "dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans" -- is fuming at this photo of Miley and pals for using what they have deemed an offensive, stereotypical gesture, according to TMZ.

The OCA sent TMZ the following statement: "The photograph of Miley Cyrus and other individuals slanting their eyes currently circulating the Internet is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young fans. This image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent."

"Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans," said George Wu, executive director of OCA. "The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable."

OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive.

We called Miley's reps, but haven't heard back yet.

What do YOU think of this pic -- offensive or no big deal?

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meow February 11, 2009, 2:56 PM

i myself am not a Miley Cyrus fan, but most of you are being way to hard on her. i agree completely with Kevin. (and a few others) Do you think you could give her a break? She a kid, let her be one.

Xnn February 12, 2009, 1:59 PM

So, just because someone is famous means every little tiny thing that they ever do any given time at any given place should be completely politically correct? Honestly, sit there and your computer chair and tell me you have never done this, not even once.

.. yeah, thought so. There are more important things in the world to get upset about (dunno, like the fact our economy is going to hell?) don’t bother to get your panties in a bunch over something so insignificant.

JPeaslee February 16, 2009, 2:38 PM

Offensive. And just plain mean. She’s a terrible “role model.” If this had been her only offense, it wouldn’t be that bad, but c’mon, we all know she’s up to no good like ALL OF THE TIME.

Name February 22, 2009, 5:30 PM

Yes, there is definitely some drinking going on, she must be soooo embarrassed. I know I would be, but no matter what, I would never be so freakin’ stupid to do faces like that because I woul know it would just get me in trouble. Gosh, wow, she needs some REAL parents, some REAL teaching, and obviously, A REAL mind. :-*

purplewowies September 15, 2010, 3:13 PM

Kevin, you’re stupid. I know sign and haven’t heard of half those signs, and of the ones I have heard of, one is still in use, and the other has changed.

miley cyrus songs the climb November 18, 2010, 6:09 AM

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Katherine February 28, 2011, 8:01 PM

did her parents know where she was?

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