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Octuplets Mom Wants YOUR Money

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It was only a matter of time ...

Nadya Suleman has started a family website asking for online donations.

The opening greeting says: "We thank you for the love and good wishes sent to us from around the world. The octuplets arrived on 1-26-09. They are all healthy and getting stronger by the day."

The website features pictures of each baby, along with their names and birth weights, in a section called "Meet the Octuplets."

Oddly, all photos on the site appear to be stills from Nadya's NBC interview. No original photos in sight so far.

nadya sulemans site

There is a place to leave a comment for Nadya herself. But these comments are not live, so you can't see what others are saying. (Maybe that's a good thing.)

Of course, the site offers visitors the option of donating funds via Pay Pal. No surprise there. It also gives Nadya's publicist's address in case people want to make cash/check donations or send items.

Nadya's financial situation is reportedly pretty dire. The mom of 14 children, has no job, no income and, according to the Los Angeles Times, owes $50,000 in student loans, not to mention the millions of dollars in medical bills that she racked up delivering her eight new babies. Ultimately it will be taxpayers paying to support her and her massive brood.

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kmarie February 11, 2009, 3:27 PM

I am a single mother of 4 going to school full time and working full time to make a better life for my kids and myself. I dont feel the least bit sorry for this crazy lady…but I do feel sorry for her kids. The doctor who did the invitro should get his license taken away and should have to pay for these kids! Social Services should come in and take the kids to a better home and leave this lady to fend for herself! She’s an absolute nutcase!

Heather February 11, 2009, 3:29 PM

There’s a “Leave a comment” link on the page for “well wishes.” Grab some popcorn and sit back, folks.

fake February 11, 2009, 3:30 PM

Neuter Nadya

Scott February 11, 2009, 3:38 PM

This woman is so selfish. And the Doc should be put up on charges and his lincense taken away.

sickofstupidpeople February 11, 2009, 3:44 PM

This woman is insane! She will never fill her void and her 14 children will suffer for it. I hope child protective services are keeping a close eye on her-who’s to say that she won’t try to harm them more seriously than she already has for 15 minutes of pathetic attention. I’m so happy to know this is where the money taken out of my paycheck every 2 weeks,(that I work hard for by the way), is being spent.

kerry February 11, 2009, 3:45 PM

I’m torn. I’m not going to donate money, but what about the children? I feel so deeply for them. They didn’t choose this and in the end they will be the ones who suffer. No one wins.

Working Mother February 11, 2009, 3:45 PM

If I have to work to support my children then so must she. Why should my children go without just so she can keep breeding more kids? She’s made her bed, now she must lie in it. She needs to get off her back and get on her own two feet,be a proper mother and take care of her own kids! Quit looking for handouts and look for a job!!!

Drew February 11, 2009, 3:45 PM

Don’t let those folks on get you down. I support you!

shannon February 11, 2009, 3:48 PM

she kept refering to her situation as a blessing or a miracle.which a blessing or a miracle would be if a couple could not concieve ever and then they miraculously did.without outside intervention. this was planned and paid for. of course i don’t know about paid for. and how did she pay to get her nails done.

Anonymous February 11, 2009, 3:49 PM

for the people who are talking abotu these innocent kids paying the price if she is not given money: they will pay the price anyway. there is no guarantee she would spend the money properly and judging from her acrylic nails, nose job, and lip injections- the kids are NOT her top priority when it comes to money.
she is the worst example of short sightedness i have ever known about. yuck

Ralph February 11, 2009, 3:49 PM

I am sick and tired of footing the bill for morons like Nadya that feed on us tax payers like vultures for their own selfish reasons. The Doctor ought to be held liable and those poor babies should be put up for adoption. At least that way they may stand a chance in living a normal life. People like her are a cancer to humanity.


Anonymous February 11, 2009, 4:01 PM

another thing we should focus on is the fact that she keeps talking about the blessings of having these babies. she saved and supposedly worked double shifts and instead of keeping the leftover money to take care of the kids she already had, she had plastic surgery and more IVF. now she says god will find a way to help her pay for her kids. if god had his way, wouldn’t she have left her fertility up to him? she gets all these expensive treatments to have kids she can not afford and NOW it is in god’s hands?
i hope god sees fit for child services to take these poor kids away from her. she’s the worst.

Chrissy February 11, 2009, 4:22 PM

The real problem is you never know if the donations are actully going to go to support her kids.
She has establsihed a pattern of not using money for what it is attended for and mooching for of her parents. Since her accident she has been living with her parents and per mother not paying rent. She used her savings and disability payments for her IVF treatment - not to support the children she started having. Per her mother, they bought the childrens their cribs not Ms. Sulman. Ms Sulman stated that she has been using her student loans to pay for her kids. Which is a fraudulent use of those loans. And now they have run out but Ms Sulman repeatedly stated that she will be going back to school.
But its clear that she gets her nails done and cosmestic surgereons have weighted in and said she most likely did get a nose job.
And remember she has a publicist to pay for too.
Again, you just don’t know how your donated money will be used. So far she hasn’t demonstrated good financial judgement.

Renee  February 11, 2009, 4:34 PM

This woman is obviously mentally disturbed and in no condition to raise one child, let alone 14. Those children should be placed with people who can support them and Nadya should be committed and sterilized. I am not a fan of the government interfering in personal issues such as this, but something needs to be done here. I don’t want the children to suffer, but I don’t want people like her to be able to take advantage of programs set up to help out the truly needy. It’s disgusting to hear her say she will love them and be with them, and that’s all they need, but then expect handouts from the rest of us. I would like to stay home and just be with my kids and love them and have someone pay all my bills too, but that is not reality. And by the way, how many unemployed people have, can afford, or even need, a spokesperson or publicist, unless they plan to exploit their situation for personal gain?

bmw February 11, 2009, 4:38 PM

This is a disgusting story. I sincerely hope she does not intend to profit by book or tv deals. How dare she expect the taxpayer to pay for her 14 children. She is in no way to be compared with Kate Gosslin. Kate is a role model to be admired. This Nayda seems to need mental help. This is a very sad story. I don’t remember standing and raising my hand to support these children. She is in la la land if she thinks that she can support them on her own. Just how does she think that Kaiser is going to get paid. Yes, I am sure though Medicaid. Disgusting!!!

ame i. February 11, 2009, 4:42 PM

What nerve! She is selfish and irresponsible. She got herself into this situation, now she can get herself out of it.

Ann February 11, 2009, 4:47 PM

I believe that the mother needs serious psychiatric care and that the children should be taken away from her and be adopted out. Why should we pay for her selfishness. There are people with real problems and she has to create more for the taxpayer.

Anonymous February 11, 2009, 4:52 PM

Maybe she should have used some of that “money” that she saved from her “job” all those years ago for a little counciling for this “empty feeling” that you have. As a parent you put your childrens needs before your own…she is messed up!!! Maybe that money she used on the IV could have been put back to raise the children with special needs that she has already!! Talking at work today we figured it would take at least 6 full time sitters to legally watch all those kids all day long as she said she is going back to school and going to work full time. Whatever!!!! She will be living off the government for the rest of her life. I do not care who you are but trying to divide your time between 14 children and give them the love and attention they need can not be done by one single person alone or ten in this situation. I hope someone can step in and give those children the life they deserve. I would hope any IV clinic would lock the doors when they see her coming from now on.

Ariana February 11, 2009, 4:58 PM

i feel for the kids if their mom has such bad judgement thats what they will learn children learn what they see but i also believe its not our place to judge her. she made a choice and now she will have to live with it and all the negativity that people are showing her i believe she needs to look at her priorities and rethink what she has done and needs to do i send my prayers to the children in hopes that they have a good life no matter the circumstances and to her to do whats right

Mrs. Carson February 11, 2009, 4:59 PM


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