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Octomom: I Don't Need Your Stinkin' Help!!

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Octomom Nadya Suleman has said no thanks to attorney Gloria Allred's offer to help her take care of all 14 of her children.

nadya suleman and gloria allred

Allred and the charity Angels in Waiting announced last week they wanted to provide 24/7 medical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and a home for the octomom and her brood of 14.

Allred said volunteers and medical personnel would care for the babies morning, noon and night in eight-hour shifts ... but gave Suleman a deadline of midnight yesterday to accept the deal. Obviously -- she has not.

Allred and Linda Conforti, the nurse who the founded Angels in Waiting, had several a long conversations with Nadya on the phone and arranged a meeting to discuss the offer -- and Nadya never showed. They say Nadya was more interested in "capitalizing on her family" and getting a reality show than she was with getting care for the newborns and her other children. When Allred and Angels in Waiting refused to help get her a TV deal, they say Suleman stopped communicating with them.

Allred says she's already filed a complaint with the Department of Child and Family Services and she plans on following up.

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Janet February 27, 2009, 6:32 PM

Good Afternoon every one, know one is sadder than the Angels in waiting Group, my sister is Jackie Peebles, she is the treasurer for the group. She has her Masters in Special Ed and has helped many families with special needs kidos. Jackie stayed awake until Mid-night last night hoping Gloria would call with good news but none came. AIW did not do it for the publishity, they tried and tried to get Nadya to speak to them, she would not take their calls. So the group is doing what they do best, helping other little ones that have been left at hospitals, abused by the parents or at the hands of others. You would be surpirsed just how many drug moms give birth and when there is something wrong with the baby (caused by them) they just walk away. Leaving them to be taken into foster care, and that is where AIW get involved. They help these foster families learn how to care for these medically fragile babies, toddlers and young children.
Know one wanted the family torn apart but now it appears that each will be placed in foster care where they will be taken care of and not just used as a way to get attention for the mom. Thanks for letting me vent!
Proud sister of Jacke Peebles!

Pat February 27, 2009, 6:43 PM

Well, the girl don’t want any help. She can take the damm bus home and Grandma and Grampa take care of the kids while she “goes to school” Ya right
Good luck Honey

Anonymous February 27, 2009, 6:48 PM

Let her and her kids take the damm bus home. Then Grandma and Grampa can take care of the kids while “She goes to school” Ya right. Believe that, I will sell you a bridge

Loralee February 27, 2009, 6:59 PM

I am as upset at the sheer irresponsibility of this as anyone and wrote a big, fat RANT about it myself.

I have no idea why she turned the offer down but the pessimist in me also would like to know what clauses were in the offer. People say they would accept any help that was offered, but I am not totally sure about that. On the surface it seems obvious, and I do think she should have accepted if it was a straight forward deal, but again…I just wonder.

On the flip side, the sheer horror of some of the things said in this situation are softening me, frankly.

I have been fairly horrified at some of the things that have been hurled at this woman and her publicists. Death threats? REALLY? That’s just sick and wrong for anyone.

I know that it is a legitimate desire to not reward someone for irresponsible or bad behavior but the kids come first. And barring removing them? That means helping her as much as that may rankle people.

I am torn about adoption of the children. I KNOW I would rather have them try to work out a home situation as a family than be put in foster care.

Personally, I would be ok with any book deal or tv show she can obtain so that the money is not all coming from tax payers.

TRo February 27, 2009, 7:13 PM

I keep waiting to hear that SOMEONE in California filed a Complaint with the Probate Courts for Conservatorship of the funds this woman is making on the tabloid constant flooding of Octo-Updates. If they really want to know why America is continuing to watch — it’s because the STATE, the COURTS, and the PEOPLE have done NOTHING to protect the interests of these children (all 14 of them). Conservatorship would take all income from OctoMom and place it in the hands of a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem to be used for the care and benefit of her children FIRST. The Grandparents aren’t any more fiscally capable based on the fact that the mother is losing her home, filed bankruptcy claiming $1M in obligations, and the dad told Oprah he only had $100 in his bank account. California needs to confiscate the taxpayer funds this woman is swindling the state out of (the disability payments and food stamps she receives for those children) should be controlled by the state since Grandma claims OctoMom hasn’t given her any money towards housing or food. If that is the case, and OctoMom has used state/federal benefits for plastic surgery and impregnation, she truly deserves to lose those children since she’s using them as a means of financial gain (we won’t even get into Earned Income Credit). It appears that Suleman is extremely intelligent to the point that she’s found every way imaginable to get money she has not earned and she (personally) does not deserve. This whole fiasco makes me sick and I truly hope that this puts Welfare Fraud and SSI Fraud at the forefront of taxpayers minds and requests for tighter regulations be put in place. I hate that those who truly need the help will suffer because of this ONE person — but she most definately is the posterchild for Welfare Reform. Let the poor hate her as much as those of us who live responsible lives and pay our bills.

Roy February 27, 2009, 7:37 PM


Nadya has now refused the best plan for her children. Nadya said she gets no welfare. Actually she gets hundreds of dollars per month in food stamps, and thousands in social security disability support for her first 6 children. Thus she LIED. Then she said “..well, technically it’s not welfare.” goodness, she is delusional. She called her loving, sacrificing parents “dysfunctional.” How rude and selfish! She says “…it takes a village to raise a child.” She interprets this literally! Wrong!!! She says she’ll take care of her children herself, while saying it will take lots of donated money and the help of volunteers (thus free help) and her family (the “dysfunctionals”). How hypocritical! I foresee her not finishing school, never really working again, and the “village” will be all the rest of us, she talks as if we have no lives of our own. She had a good childhood, already had SIX children and spends all her time with them and her parents, was married for years, and she describes herself as “lonely”? She believes having more children is the answer??? My God, it’s all about her, and THAT’S WHY HER NAME IS THE TITLE OF THE CHILDREN’S WEB SITE! In spite of her proclamation that she loves her children (as we all do our own), she is actually quite selfish. LONELINESS IS A BAD REASON TO HAVE CHILDREN!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT HER… It’s also waste of expensive medical resources. The mother’s “loneliness” is delusional and her SELFISHNESS is sorrowful. And with her charm and disarmingly soft speech, we are seduced… But what we have here is the polar opposite of grace and humility. She represents many of the most selfish and very saddest qualities of people in our society… May God and the nation have mercy on her children. Then Nadya says: “You either use them or destroy them…” She displays a very warped understanding of the whole process. So: apparently she harvested 36 embryos (6x6), and fertilized them all and implanted all of them… And if she had harvested 6 more she would now implant those. And would give birth to all that thrived, even if the number was 42 or more! NADYA: They are EMBRYOS, not FETUSES! Goodness, she is so WRONG! And her mother is missing the point… ANGELA: Don’t be so weak, don’t back down to this selfish, lying, sick young woman… Your daughter uses you and abuses you. Don’t let her get away with her hypocrisy and rudeness…

ellaine February 27, 2009, 7:46 PM

the babies are the innocent victims to a woman who is obviously not all together in her mind!the issue rae the children and what ever is done has to beto their best intrest!they had no chioce,the mother did!!!she should not be rewarded for her short commings.the doctor who accepted this should be made to pay for all of the expenses of the children,he acted irresponsable.maybe if that happened he would think twice of how easy it is to raise so many children ,other than money they also need individuale attention and love(how can she make the time) .her poor parents will never enjoy retirement!! when will some one take responabilaty for what becomes of these innoccent babies?i hope the mom does not make $$$ of them ! the mom should be examined by a certified psyciatrist,not some one who wants advertizing.can only hope for the best,she has stired up alot of contraversy…

DEb February 27, 2009, 8:25 PM

Angels in Waiting only has a little over $8,000 in it’s coffers right now. They would need that $130K a month donated by the public. I don’t know where they got the house but the whole thing seems a bit fishy to me. I DO NOT support the Octomom in any way but Ms. Allred should make sure there is full disclosure…

Linda February 27, 2009, 10:34 PM

What Angels in Waiting is offering is exactly the kind of help Nadya needs. But she turned it down. Is she out of her mind???!!! I am so angry at Nadya. This organization was offering 24/7 help, for pete’s sake. They are a Godsend for her. What more could Nadya ask for? Is she still trying to appear to be Supermom who can do it all? I don’t get this.

Deb February 27, 2009, 11:01 PM

I think that this person does not have the full capacity to care for anyone but herself. How could you set and have your nails done or buy lipstick as your mother’s home is being lost?! The very home that she and her children have been so fortunate to live in. I saw somewhere that her mother has not been able to make house payments for 10 months and she owes a little over $22,000 in back payments on her mortage. So it seems that while her mother was struggling to provide for her and all 6 of the children and not being able to keep their heads above the water, this selfish individual could have provided the money it would have taken to save the family home by paying on the mortage for her mother instead of giving it to that ignorant doctor to bring more innocent lives into this world. I saw in an interview that the money used for the procedure was settlement money from an injury. Over $100,000.00! That sure could of helped her mom with some bills and maybe she could of had a room built on and all of the 6 children could of had a bed to sleep in! I don’t think that money will make this woman a better mother. A truly good mother is thinking of all your children first. She was not thinking of the first 6 when she made the choice to have anymore! Not in her situation. She used her parents, she used the system and now she is using the children! I can only see it as abuse!

TRo February 27, 2009, 11:05 PM

Just read the “stipulation” that was the breaking point is that Angels in Waiting would not let her do a TV Reality show with bi-weekly updates. Last I heard, no one wanted to touch her. (Tapping mic) — Hey Media… we’re only watching and waiting for her to lose the kids and are hoping (for their sake) a “happy ending” that does not include moving into that trashy, dirty, pre-foreclosure home! Once that takes place, she’s a liability - not an asset. NO MORE MEDIA UPDATES UNTIL YOU GIVE US WHAT WE WANT — the children in safe and loving homes with people who care about OTHERS more than themselves.

Kay February 28, 2009, 2:27 AM

Isn’t it amazing that Nadya doesn’t understand that her behavior is the root of the problem. It is inconceivable that she would think the public wouldn’t be outraged that she rejected the Angels in Waiting offer and instead seems to have no qualms about the financial burden she has forced on the State of California. Nadya has a few phrases she has learned that she keeps repeating because she thinks it makes her sound like a professional counseler. It is nothing but psycho-babble and generally misses the point totally. I am a retired Clinical Social Worker who worked for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as well as having my own private practice. I can tell you that Nadya’s attitude is exactly what Social Workers are confronted with daily. I’ve had clients actually stop on their way home from giving birth so they could add the new baby to the grant. When asked who is the father they get that same sneaky grin on their faces like Nadya has during her interviews and tell you, “I don’t know who the father is”. They know you know they are lying and it is just like having salt poured on an open wound to have accept their lies. It is that sense of entitlement and the “I want what I want when I want it” that is so prevelant and so irritating. NEVER HAVE SO FEW DONE SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE accurately describes our welfare system. Entitlelment programs are bankrupting the federal, state and local governments of America. Now that Dr. Phil has entered into this mess he is drumming up sympathy for Nadya and I am afraid the taxpayers will start feeling sorry for her and begin to think we should dignify what she has done by supporting her brood. I can’t understand how the California Department of Human Services allowed her to have a Nanny at $500 a week and then still be entitled to food stamps. That is a resource just as is the money her parents spend on that household. No one is going to seriously believe that Grandma and Grandpa keep their food on a seperate shelf of the fridge and that Nadya and grandkids only eat the food bought with food stamps. She has to be telling some version of this to get food stamps. Also it seems Nadya doesn’t understand that the SSI disability payments she receives on three of the older children are meant for their needs and not her French Manicures and expensive cosmetics. They most revolting part of this scam is that this woman apparently did not care if she brought more disabled children into this world and sentenced them to the world of the disabled for the rest of their lives. It is Nadya who has the AUDICIOUS attitude and not the rest of world because of our outrage. She evidently believes that she has the right to subject innocent babies to live a life with disabilities just to provide her with love and attention she craves. It is difficult to figure out who is the bigger liar - - Casey Anthony or Nadya Suleman. They are two examples of the extreme as mothers.

MG February 28, 2009, 2:36 AM

There is no evidence that Nadya in any way abused or neglected her kids. She loves them. There is no reason to report her to CPS. I would not hire a nanny for my kids who files CPS complaints! I would not let those “Angels in waiting” into my house. Nadya did the right thing by turning Gloria Allred’s offer down. Nadya is obviously suffering from all the negative publicity, but she is trying to use the publicity to get money for her children, and I believe she would be able to get some help,find appropriate house and hire nannies to help her with the babies. I know for sure that it can be done much cheaper than 135000/month that those “Angels” hoped to receive from the public.

maureen February 28, 2009, 12:29 PM

omg she is so stupid for not taking this, 24/7 nursing care a home, what is wrong with her, I can’t believe this, i hope she is not allowed to take those babies home obviously she’s not concerned about them she’s concerned about herself how selfish is that.

Elizabethgs February 28, 2009, 2:56 PM

…umm, sorry…maybe in SOME jurisdictions, apartment buildings, gated communities there are such restrictions - but in private homes where people know what they’re doing..why should there be a restriction on such a low # of cats? I had 14 at one point: ALL healthy, all indoors, all uptodate on their vet care, plenty of litter boxes all kept clean. No one who visited had an idea of the number of cats I had..they all got along great with each other. Right now I have 7 and one dog. So don’t tar all of us with the same brush..who know how to do it right. I agree about the babies, though..a far different matter.

Anonymous February 28, 2009, 3:02 PM

Why go to Gloria Allred? To protect themselves in case anything goes wrong in dealing with an obviously ‘out of synch with the world’ woman? And Gloria is a champion of women’s rights. And probably represents them for free. That’s why. In a case like this they’d be absolute fools NOT to have a ‘women’s’ attorney in their corner… please be realistic. They’re dealing with babies’ lives and a publicity hound like Suleyman…if they want to come to a permanent agreement with her it would HAVE to be ironclad and drafted by a lawyer. What in that is so difficult to understand?

Mallery March 1, 2009, 12:07 AM

I knew it ! this lady is using the poor children for publicity! I bet she doesn’t even like kids.

Da Crypt March 1, 2009, 1:15 AM

I wish everyone would quit referring to this woman as “Octomom!” She has no concept of what a “Mom” is, or the basic understanding of the sacrifices that go with being a parent.

ziggyfloyd March 1, 2009, 2:43 AM

She turned down the Angels in waiting offer because there is no money in it for her. Those children need help and since the family is losing their home, they would have no where to go! If I was her, I would accept the offer even if it is for 3 months. Kaiser better not release those babies to her without a care plan for them.

Frank March 1, 2009, 3:05 PM

My new name for her is “Mad Nad”. Actually, I should sell that name to the British tabs…

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