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Quit Throwing Stones at Octomom!

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What you hate about the octuplets mom is what you hate about yourself!

nadya suleman wearing halo

Guest blogger Nancy: In case you haven't heard, all is not well in the land of milk and honey. As hard as it is to believe, the center of the universe (AKA the United States) is in economic crisis, thanks in large part to Nadya Suleman and her fourteen children.

At least that's what lots of Americans are claiming.

To those of you who are on the brink of foreclosure yet call for the octuplet mom's head: in your quest to assign blame for all that's wrong with the world, you may want to start your search a little closer to home.

Specifically, what's the difference between you and the octuplet mom? She carried 8 babies that she shouldn't have; you carried an $800,000 interest-only mortgage. She abused the system by using her disability payments and student loans to finance her fertility treatments; you refinanced your home at the peak of the housing market and used the money to take your family on a Caribbean cruise. In short, the closer that one looks at Nadya's choices, the more they start to look like yours.

Listen: no one is perfect. In our own little way, we are all emotionally unstable. We all make bad decisions whose implications are far-reaching and affect more lives than our own. Nadya was irresponsible and short-sighted. So were millions of Americans. Both of us bit off way more than we could chew. Both of us are costing our government and our nation's taxpayers millions of dollars.

Perhaps what Americans hate about the octuplet mom is what deep inside we hate about ourselves.

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mel February 17, 2009, 6:53 AM

Thank you for finally pointing that out. I am so tired of hearing about this woman. There bigger problems out there then a women who wanted a bunch of kids.

ashley February 17, 2009, 7:09 AM

Wow! You hit the nail on the head with that one. I can’t wait to read how people are going to respond to this one!! I haven’t been one to post comments about her, I keep them to myself. I also don’t owe a dime on my house and never have. My family has been very blessed not to be a part of this problem.

C February 17, 2009, 7:26 AM

Wow! This is what I’ve been thinking. I’m not condoning this woman’s behavior or choices, but the viciousness of the response to her (death threats? Really?) is staggering. I’ve seen a lot less anger toward Bernie Madoff than this mom. He ripped of charities for billions, and to hear people’s responses, you’d think this woman was single handedly responsible for the all of the country’s economic problems…what gives?

redmum February 17, 2009, 7:30 AM

Thank god for some reasonable voice here on this, the cries of people screaming for the children to be adopted was seriously upsetting. As has been said the viciousness/hatred directed at this woman has been outrageously over the top.

About time Mom logic.

Robin February 17, 2009, 8:25 AM

So you are comparing an inanimate object and the irresponsible desire to obtain that object to the lives of children. Unbelievable case of apples and LIFE. No one is blaming the ills of the world and our current financial crisis to Nadya’s willful bringing in to the world of CHILDREN. Get a grip.

umNO February 17, 2009, 8:30 AM

Where is your logic in this post? It is an extreme long shot to compare the two. First, she has the audacity to exploit innocent children, actual human beings, for her own selfish self-gains. At a time when Americans are saving their money and trying to spend within their means, she goes out and has eight MORE babies on top of the 6 she already could not afford, in order to be able to collect enough government welfare to pay for manicures and plastic surgeries. Her child-birthing costs alone dwarfs what the average American owes, let alone the continual cost over the next 18+ years the government will be paying to this leech of society. The more news that comes out about her, the more disgusting the whole situation becomes. This psychologically sick leech needs to have her children seized not as a punishment to her, but for the sake of her children. God have mercy on those children if the government turns a blind eye to them and allows them to suffer in this sycophant’s “care” or (more appropriately) the lack thereof.

SoberMother February 17, 2009, 9:31 AM

Love it! You may just be on to something here…

Anonymous February 17, 2009, 9:49 AM

Well there are plenty of us who DIDN’T take out a mortgage we can’t afford, are not in debt and don’t abuse the system and think what she did borders on mental instability. While I don’t necessarily blame her for not being quite right in the head, I blame the system and the people around her for letting her get in this position so that responsible taxpayers like me have to suffer.

ame i. February 17, 2009, 10:27 AM

“What you hate about the octuplets mom is what you hate about yourself!” I’m sorry, but that is a very stupid thing to say.
My mortgage is at a fixed 5.25% and the monthly payment is 1/6 of our monthly take home pay. Our first (and only, so far) trip to Disney World and 6 night stay at the Beach Club was paid in full, in cash.
To loosly quote Dave Ramsey, I and people like me are strange, because the norm seems to be toting debt up to the eyeballs because so many people think they deserve nice things because they breathe air.
I’m sorry you and others like you made very poor decisions.

kirsten February 17, 2009, 10:32 AM

This is one of the stupidest things I have heard in awhile. Yes there are a lot of people who are in bad money situations but that is largely due to lay offs. At one point in time they had jobs and were able to pay for the things they owned. This women already had 6 children, no job, and lived with her parents and then thought it was a good idea to have more kids. It honestly makes me sick and she deserves all the hatred that is coming her way.

anony February 17, 2009, 10:49 AM

This post is right on point. People need to stop suggesting that the government step in and take away Nadya’s kids. The ONLY time kids should be taken away is when there is abuse or neglect and Nadya has done NEITHER. I agree that there are many people in our United States who don’t abuse the system, but, there are MILLIONS who do so with no shame. Some of those people are misguided at best, at worst they take everything they can get for the free lifetime ride. I believe Ms. Suleman is somewhere in the middle and the doctor had personal reason for allowing this. Yes, these people should be responsible for their own actions (just like people who overextended their credit and loans and got foreclosed on and small business that have failed not to mention big business that should be allowed to fail) the problem is with a system that allows people to get away with this. …………………………… To umNO: There is not much of difference between a woman who gives birth to more children than she can afford to, financially or otherwise, and parents who buy homes and create a lifestyle so expensive that they cannot afford to provide healthy meals and appropriate supervision for their children. Their kids wind up eating processed food for every meal and instead of being involved in after school activities, sports or having a baby sitter they have the TV, computer, and video games. These parents are making decisions that put their children’s health and well-being at risk too. All because the parents just had to have the biggest house on the block and the best car and dress their sorry butts in the finest duds. Should the government step in and take children in these types of circumstances away too? You say “may God have mercy if the government turns a blind eye….” I say may God have mercy on us all if the government starts taking away peoples’ children.

Anonymous February 17, 2009, 11:12 AM

My house is paid off. I Still hate the Octo Mom

holly February 17, 2009, 11:47 AM

Since when is a frivilious week-long family vay-kay the same as raising 14 children to (atleast) the age of 18?

Get your head together.




C February 17, 2009, 12:13 PM

Wow, Holly! Tell us how you really feel!

Mayu February 17, 2009, 12:36 PM

hmmm. I don’t have kids I can’t afford, I’m not living on welfare having more kids I can’t afford, I didn’t have an invetro procedure that could have put those very babies I wanted so bad in danger, I didn’t choose to have more kids when I have 6 kids I can’t afford, 3 of whom are disabled… And I didn’t take donations offered to me to go buy Wii’s, videogames and get my nails done… while expecting those who live in California to pay for my newborns medical bills (Nearing a million bucks) for me. I don’t live in a 3 bedroom house with 14 kids, that is in disgusting condition… and I haven’t had plastic surgery.

Nope… I don’t think “what I hate about the Octomom is what I hate about myself” applies here.

Here’s what people REALLY dislike about Octomom.

We’re tired of those people who live off the system then beg for handouts. There’s no reason she had to try for more kids till she was back on her feet. As she says herself, she got hurt at work went on disability, had no job… THEN started having kids. Then she went to school and decided to have MORE kids without a job, a husband, child support, or any way to financially support the kids with OUR help.

We have to bail out idiots who lived beyond their means and can’t afford their morgages, we have to bail out banks so their CEOs can go on relaxation trips to million dollar spas.

now we have to support mentally instable “child collectors” who horde children the way a pet collector hordes animals they can’t take care of.

It has NOTHING to do with us hating ourselves… it’s all about being sick of those living off the system thinking there is no consequences for their actions.

While I think the death threats are deplorable… I also think she should be investigated or at the very least, given a mental evaluation by a professional.

Mayu February 17, 2009, 12:52 PM

by the way, my house is not on the brink of foreclosure. In fact, it’s paid in full. I also don’t have high debt, and I don’t have a bunch of kids the taxpayers have to support… Here’s the prob with Octomom. She had 6 kids, 50% of which are disabld… she’s disabled… jobless… husbandless… living in a small house… getting government help… getting food stamps… and she knowingly goes to have all 6 embryos implanted… knowing she could have multiples… knowing she could be putting her life at risk, and the lives of all the babies she was carrying… and the fact she admitted she couldn’t financially care for the first 6. Now she has 8 newborns, 2 toddlers and 3 disabled kids. I feel bad for that 1 normal kid she’ll never have time for. that’s the issue.

Dee February 17, 2009, 12:57 PM

Here’s the problem with this article.

no one expected the economy to go to pot, no one expected to go into foreclosure… but the octo mom KNOWINGLY expected to go out and get pregnant when she couldn’t afford the first 6. The economy, unintentional. going to get pregnant when you are living off welfare… a very intentional act. An act WE who live in california are going to have to pay for while she goes la dee da to the nail salon.

SesshoumarusGirl February 17, 2009, 1:55 PM

I have to agree with Mayu and Dee.

The author of this post seems to know the art of projection, that’s for sure.

Hello? Those of us who are outraged at this, are NOT out getting pupped on PURPOSE with multiples and with no stable income to PROVIDE for those childern. While Dh and I still want to have a child, we have decided to wait, as the economy is shaky and we have some personal debt to pay off. (mostly medical bills) So, the the inmature author of this piece, your conclusion is bullshit. MANY people are making responsible choices and not being selfish in the way “Miss Nadya” has.

Get a grip and grow up!

nome February 17, 2009, 3:10 PM

nope. completely untrue. what do i hate about this mother? that she is an extremely irresponsible person that did not take into account consequences for having all these children. NOT ME. check. another thing i hate about her, she is living off the system, as well as her parents. again, check. NOT ME. she’s addicted to getting her lips bloated when she should be spending more money on the kids or at least start saving for college funds for all 14. check. NOT ME again. Also, I did not even think of buying a house because I am responsible to know that I am not ready for that financially. Nope, there is nothing that I hate about Octomom that I also hate about myself. SORRY!

getalife86 February 17, 2009, 3:13 PM

I think people need to layoff Nadya Suleman. Because the economy is heading down the drain the media are just giving people someone to throw some of their anger and frustrations at. Instead of turning your own frustrations and anger on her you should blame your leaders.

Maybe she has some psychological problems but if so the last thing we should do is add to that with all the unnecessary death threats and what not. What if she kills herself or any of the children. Are the children to blame for what happened? do they deserve that?

Another thing, it’s amazing how people are saying she’s exploiting the children. They say that because that’s what they would do if they were in her situation. This blogger is right on point. The ills we often accuse people of is exactly what we would do in a situation like that.

Another thing, based on what I was reading, Nadia was employed previously before the whole octo scenario. I gather that employed persons pay taxes. Does that not entitle you to some sort of disability payments should you became disabled on the job. One article said that she hurt her back on the job, if i’m not mistaken.

It’s not like she’s been on welfare since the day she was born, she was employed for a period, paid her taxes.

I also don’t think we should be judging how many children a person should have. Sure it’s good to like at your financial situation and see if you can afford to. Point is, the children are already out there. Let’s not make this worse than it already is.

Comeon people, she’s receiving death threats because us and the media are targetting her and in a way blaming her for the downturn in the economy.

You should turn your anger and frustrations to Meryl Linch, and all those fat cats, one of who made $300million in salary and bonuses over an 8 year period while some us of were working two jobs just to keep our children well fed and in school. Is Nadya Suleman to blame for their greed?

What about missing children? The time and money spent on disussing the Nadya Suleman issue is really disturbing. The media slots used for this could be better spent on issuing alerts about missing children. I’m sure if one of your children or family members went missing, of if you perhaps went missing you’d wish the media would spend time issuing alerts about missing people, where you were last seen, who with and post numbers and addresses for people to contact the police if they see anything.

When the ‘Runaway train’ video was aired on MTV, some people were actually found because of it. Some were alive, I remember one child’s remains were discovered, and a few who were alive didn’t want to be found. But the point is that for those who were found they were happy.

Those missing as of this year are:

Missing since:
Feb 10, 2009

ALDO VELASQUEZ Missing since:
Feb 4, 2009

Missing since:
Feb 4, 2009

and couting.

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