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Special-Ed Student Left in School During Bomb Threat

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specialedstudent270.jpg There is controversy swirling around Hays High School after two classrooms of special education students were not included in the building evacuation during a bomb scare.

The bomb threat was phoned in the morning of Jan. 29 according to Hays Consolidated Independent School District. Two hours later the school evacuated its 1,850 students. Eight special needs students, five of them with physical-disabilities, were kept in their classrooms after the area was deemed safe following a security sweep.

Principal Shirley Reich said one reason the children were kept inside was the chilly day, 47 degrees outside, and that "if anything I erred on the side of compassion for them."

Parents of some of those students are angry with the school's decision. Lisa Gorena, mother of one student with special needs, said, "I think there were better options. The bus barn is ten minutes away. They could have asked a bus to come over and placed the children on a bus, and then move them to a safer location."

The school district said it has reassessed its evacuation policy. Several parents are expected to meet Friday with the principal.

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Machael Ray February 16, 2009, 2:42 PM


Erred on the side of compassion? And if the area was deemed so safe…why were 1850 others evacuated? What makes thems so “special” What if that were her child? How would she feel thinking that you have sent your child to school where is should be a safe place and we teach our chilren to trust the teachers and the very ones they are to trust left the in harms way. No matter how they candy coat is just WRONG!!! No matter what excuse she comes up with it was handled with a lack of morals and I think the people “in charge” (a statement I use loosely!!!) should be evaluated and tested on saftey measures. REALLY!!!! ERRED ON THE SIDE OF COMPASSION?????????????


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