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Surprise! My Kid Wore a Pee Shirt to Preschool

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The lack of communication between me and my husband stinks. Literally.

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Momlogic's Andrea: Like many couples trying to balance parenthood and work, my husband and I work opposite schedules. I work early and come home early. He works late and comes home late. He and my three-year-old are sleeping when I leave. Me and my three-year-old are sleeping when he comes home. 

You couldn't make up a better scenario for the breakdown of a family if you tried. Except maybe throwing in a mistress and a gambling addiction.

And since my husband and I barely talk during the work week, every day when I pick up my toddler from school it's always such a "fun" surprise to see what weird things my husband has packed her for lunch, what crazy get-ups she convinced him to let her wear, and how many knots are in her hair because, as he says, "It makes her so unhappy when I brush it."

Yesterday was the last straw -- our final breakdown in communication. As per her request, a.k.a. meltdown, I let her wear the T-shirt she wore to school to bed. One hour later, she peed in her bed. The shirt was wet with pee. I changed her and threw the shirt on the floor. (Don't you judge me!) The next morning, my intrepid daughter convinces my husband to let her wear the shirt again to school. He's so bleary-eyed he doesn't remember she wore the shirt the day before. (Don't you judge him ... um, on second thought, go ahead.)

When I picked her up at school that day, imagine my surprise when I see her wearing her pee-shirt from the night before. Parent Fail Alert!

What do you think the moral of this story is?

A) Two parents working full-time is bulls**t
B) I shouldn't throw urine-soaked clothes on the floor
C) My husband is a pushover
D) All of the above


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