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Friend Fight -- Who's Right? Tell It to the Judge!

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Ever have a fight with a friend and wish a judge could tell you who's right? Now you can tell it to the Vuv!

the friendship court

Leslie Adler, the creator of, uses her skills as a seasoned attorney and as the author of a blog inspired by and based on friendship to settle your friendship disputes in her weekly momlogic column, "The Friendship Court."

Never heard of a Vuv? Once we explain, we bet you have. The Vuv Club was born out of the close friendships of Leslie and her five friends. Leslie says "They are my best friends, my support system, and they are witnesses to my life as I am to theirs. We 'Vuv's' are six women, six best friends who have each had our lives transformed in different ways by the relationships that exist among and between us." She adds, "The Vuv is scientific evidence of the uniqueness of the female race, our little group of Vuv's was empirical evidence of the wonder of women. We are from a different planet than men and what our group dynamic has helped us do is to celebrate that."

In honor of those relationships -- those Vuvs -- Leslie now presides over the Friendship Court. Every Friday, momlogic readers will get a chance to be judged by the Vuv. Like this:

I am 37 years old and I thought I was over the high school-like spats with girlfriends ... but my friend Janet (I thought she was my best friend) got two tickets to a concert she knew I would love to see and she invited a woman we both just met two months ago. I called her and told her how I felt and she told me I need to grow up. We have not spoken in two weeks. Whaddya think?

-- Gayle from Jacksonville Florida

Gayle, we all need to grow up. When we stop growing, we die ... so let's figure out how you and Janet can grow from this experience. Is Janet a friend you want in your life for the long term? If the answer is yes, be the "bigger person" and call her again. Be real! Tell her you were jealous and you really would have enjoyed seeing that show with her and spending time with her ... 'cause face it! That is what you were feeling, and women have to learn to honestly express feelings like that without embarrassment. If Janet is a true friend, she will appreciate your candor and I believe it will lead to continual growth in your friendship.

xoxo, the Vuv

Tell us about a squabble or a split between you and a friend and let the Vuv decide!!

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Maria@Conversationswithmoms February 5, 2009, 1:46 PM

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I wish I could go with my husband whenever we have those (I’m right, no I’m right fights).

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