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Single Moms: Ten Reasons to Try Online Dating

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Guest blogger Rachel Sarah: If you're a single mom, here's why you should log on and give love a chance.

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Valentine's Day is over (phew!) ... now it's time for single moms to give romance a try. Need convincing?

If You're a Single Mom ... Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Try Online Dating:

1. Because writing a profile is fun ... and it's all about YOU for a change.

2. Because it's like riding a bicycle again for the first time in years: you just need a little practice.

3. Because we all know someone who fell in love online.

4. Because your girlfriends will come over for a glass of wine and help you think of a unique headline.

Some of my favorites: "Sick of Playing Solitaire," "Approach Love & Cooking With Reckless Abandon," "Looking for the Calvin to my Hobbes." I even asked my webmaster what headline he uses: "I'm a Big Nerd, Don't Click Me!"

5. Because you get to have some photos taken -- without your kids making rabbit ears over your head.

6. Because someone out there is ready to appreciate bedtime story skills.

7. Because you'll get some adults-only time without having to refill sippy cups or wipe up spills.

8. Because we all deserve the chance to flirt once in a while.

9. Because you just can't beat "the shop-at-home convenience."

10. Because you just might get to third base for the first time in _________??

What do YOU think of online dating, single moms?

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