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Tori Spelling's Weight Is None of Your Business!

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She talks to momlogic about her fashion show debut, her jewelry line, and her daughter's first trip to NYC.

Tori Spelling

In an exclusive backstage interview, Tori Spelling invited momlogic along as she was fitted for a frilly Betsey Johnson dress she'll wear in the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion show to kick off New York's Fashion Week. Looking stylish and very slim, Tori tells momlogic that she feels healthy and great -- and, really, it's nobody's business anyway.

"You just got to do what's right for you," she says. "Don't let people judge your weight. That's something they shouldn't be talking about. They should just say how great you look! Never talk about a woman's weight or age. It's true; it's disrespectful to a lady."

And this lady is a virgin -- a fashion show virgin, that is. Tori admits this is the first time she'll be strutting her stuff on the runway -- and she's ready. "I can do the model walk ... I've studied that model walk," she says. "You've kind of got to pick up the feet. It's not natural walking. You kind of prance like horses ... but beautiful horse prances!"

By taking part in the Heart Truth show, Tori will be prancing for a purpose. "I was so excited when they asked me to be involved, just because it's such an important cause," she says. "Heart disease is the number-one killer of women. Although personally I've never had to deal with it in my family, I'm a woman and we have to support each other and be there for each other. It's such a great cause."

She plans on taking in a few more fashion shows while in town, but the busy mom of two admits that she's most excited about a very special shopping excursion. "I have my kids here," she says. "It's Stella's first trip to New York, so we definitely want to get in some kid stuff. We're going to go to FAO Schwartz -- got to take them there! -- and just do things that they can do with me. And then I am going to see a couple of shows."

Not content to sit on the fashion sidelines any longer, Tori is actually also taking a turn as a designer. But forget precious gems and serious stones -- her HSN line of jewelry is incredibly affordable as well as fun. Tori told us why. "I remember when I was little, my mom wore a lot of diamonds and I was always really embarrassed by them," she recalls. "She was like, 'Just wait until you grow up, you're going to love the diamonds.' But now that I'm a grown-up, I still don't really like the diamonds! I like costume jewelry. It's fun."

Life for this fashionista has certainly changed since she became a mom. Tori admits that she still changes outfits a few times a day -- but now, it has nothing to do with the paparazzi. "I do find that you usually can't get through your day without having some sort of spit-up or pee or poo or something on you," she laughs. "So you know, a lot of outfit changes. I used to do outfit changes for TV and for shows, and now I do outfit changes for child!"

Now that's a fashion faux pas we can all relate to.

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