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When's The Last Time You ... ?

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Whether you're a full-time mom, an expecting mom, or a single woman on the go, finding the time to groom isn't always easy.

woman tweezing her eyebrows

During our morning meeting the other day here at momlogic, we started to get in a silly discussion about how we don't have time to primp and groom like we used to. For most of us, it had been days, weeks, even months (!) since we had shaved our legs, waxed our brows, and even washed our hair! We're not proud of our "unkempt-ness," but we know we're not the only ones.

So we decided that once a week, our staffers would come clean (figuratively speaking, of course), and share our "dirty" secrets about our "upkeep," or lack thereof...

The "WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU..." question of the week is...

When's the last time you tweezed or waxed your eyebrows?

jennifer.jpg I am a total freak when it comes to my eyebrows. I get them waxed or threaded every two weeks and in between I tweeze strays that grow. I trim them with tiny scissors and brush them daily.
melissa.jpg Last time I had my eyebrows waxed was about three months ago (shameful) I tweeze them myself about once every 3-5 days -- but now they look horrible and too thin. Truth be told I am just too lazy to drag myself to the salon and besides, I think they all do a shi*** job.
talitha.jpg Last night. I tweeze them regularly.
julie.jpg I have never done it before in my life. I have really light eyebrows so that's something I've never had to do. I don't know if that's bad or not, but it's not something I've ever focused on!
jill.jpg I have had "get eyebrows done" on my personal list of things to do ever since we did a story here with eyebrow master Anastasia ... last August! So that would be over six months of eyebrow neglect. Pathetic.
andrea.jpg I tweezed my eyebrows two days ago. In the car. At stoplights. I do them myself, because I don't have time to go, but I screw them up. And when I do go to get them professionally done, they yell at me.
vanessa Last night. I don't like hair.
jenny.jpg I tweezed this morning because it looked like I had a uni-brow. But I was in a rush and when I got in the car I saw several more strays. I get them "shaped" professionally and try to go every six weeks. It's now week nine.
lindsey.jpg Uggghhh, the last time I waxed my eyebrows was a month ago and I had an allergic reaction to the new type of wax. It made only one eyebrow (for whatever reason) all RED and then turned into a bad scab. So I've been scared to do it again. I've been tweezing since, but now my eyebrows look all jacked!
gillian.jpg Last week I tweezed because I couldn't get into the salon. And I looked like Bert.

Feeling unkempt? Visit us in the ML Community and share your dirty secrets!

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