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An Analysis of Preschool "Poo" Humor

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My kid's obsessed with poo and pee jokes. Surely this means she's a comedic genius.


Momlogic's Momstrosity: I don't like scatological humor -- or, put more simply, I'm not a big fan of "poo jokes." I never giggle at a fart. In fact, I don't even like writing the word "fart." So why is it I think my three-year-old daughter's newfound penchant for cracking poo-poo jokes is hi-larious? Bear in mind, a great deal of a preschooler's time is spent thinking and talking about poo. (See chart below.) But, that aside, could it possibly be:

My Child is a Comedic Genius?

I think so ... but since I'm a tad prejudiced, I asked a couple of comedy writers to analyze two of her favorite jokes.

Here's the first:

Me: Lily, What does a cat say?
Lily: Tick tock.
Me: Hm, interesting. Then what does a clock say?
Lily: Meow.
Me: OK, what does a pig say?
Lily: Poopy, poopy!

"Here Lily is building on the classic formula of making unexpected sounds come out of everyday objects or beings," says Jim Earl, former 'Daily Show" writer, "she's also employing the classic comedy rule of three ... building to the poo portion of her joke."

Barry Lank, a comedian and journalist who's written for "Air America" sees Lily's joke in political terms. "The cat saying 'tick tock' represents a breakdown of society, George W. Bush's recent criminal state, in which law enforcement becomes law breaker, and society is topsy turvy."

Just as I suspected: Pure genius.

Here's another one. This one's a bit more complex:

Lily: Mom, where do you go poo? In your pants?
Mom: You know where I go poo. I go poo...
Lily: (giggling uncontrollably)...on the carpet!!

"What Lily is obviously doing here," says Earl, "is deflating authority. It's a classic comedy technique. The mom, authority figure, is relegated to pooing on the carpet, much like a family pet, or renegade monkey."


BTW, if Lily has it her way, her jokes might be going online. Yesterday, she told me she had her own website:, and almost snorted milk out of her nose. I checked it out, and the domain's available. Get ready.

Is your kid a comic genius? Let me know in the momlogic community.


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mommajunk March 9, 2009, 12:34 PM

I’ve noticed my 5 year old singing the opening song to Spongebob, as Songebob Pee Pant, and laughs at his own silliness.
I say nothing, as this too shall pass. Although I do smirk silently at his enjoyment. Nothing like the laughter of a kid.

TS Laughter March 9, 2009, 12:43 PM

My 3 y/o’s fav joke:

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Lori McDonough March 9, 2009, 1:17 PM

My 8 year old’s fave poo joke:

Knock knock
who’s there?
I eat mop
I eat mop who?
Ewwwwww…you eat your poo?

badump bump…i have to admit, i’ve shared that one with a few adults myself!

Alfred the anonymous March 9, 2009, 1:37 PM

My 3 year old commented on a dog poo on the side walk while biking and asked, “dad, is that a dog poo”? I said I don’t know… He said, “let me smell it”.. I said, no don’t do that… and he said, “OK, I think it’s dog poo”… “good thing we did not step on it”!

I must have rolled on the floor laughing..of course trying to avoid the poo..i might just roll on it too!

Christy March 9, 2009, 2:31 PM

I love poop talk and I’ve apparently blogged about it over 30 times. Who knew? It will be fun to see if my 15 month old will ever pick up on the humor.

Karen S March 9, 2009, 3:09 PM

Have hope, Christy — my little girl’s first “joke” was pointing at my butt and making a fart sound. She was right around a year old, so of course I think she’s going to be the next Steve Martin.

Ady March 9, 2009, 3:27 PM

My daughter is obsessed with her dolls pooping at almost three years old. She says “Dora poo pooed”, she then changes Dora’s diapers. Less than a minute later she shakes her head, rolls her eyes, sighs, and exclaims “Dora poo pooed again!” Plus the sticking her butt out and making a farting sound is always a classic lol.

Amy March 9, 2009, 5:11 PM

I love this writer…Does Andrea have a blog or something?

justin mark March 10, 2009, 3:47 AM

Don’t you all know that kids explore humor at this age????!!? My son said bellybutton 10000 times a day when he was a preschooler. It got peer attention and laughter and both positive and negative adult attention. Other kids his age AND older egged him on and did things/said things to get the bellybutton response.
The only reason kids continue a behavior is because one way or another it is reinforced. My son stopped saying belly button when the reinforcement stopped. And so will the Poo talk.

ashley March 12, 2009, 8:37 AM

My son, almost 7, and I always sing “You Are My Sunshine” together every night. Now, he wants to sing, “You are my poopee my only poopee, you make me poopee when skies are poop”!! And my 21 month old daughter has a new thing which she no doubt learned from daddy and bubba. When I take her clothes off she sticks her hand next to her butt and then puts it up to my nose and says “Eewwie!” It’s gross and I tell her that, but I can’t help but laugh!!

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