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Sex and the Single Mom

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Do single moms do it when their kids are in the next room?

kids peeking on parents kissing

Dr. Leah Klungness and Rachel Sarah: When you picked up the most recent issue of Elle -- in which Reese Witherspoon chats happily about her new love, Jake Gyllenhaal -- did you wonder what we did?

Are they having sex when her kids are in the next room?

It's a logical question. After all, following her 2005 divorce from Ryan Phillippe, Reese became a single mom of two kids -- Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4.

Sure, if asked, Reese might be publicly say, "There is no sex unless the kids are with Dad." She might also have plenty of privacy in her palatial digs.

But we're all grown-ups here, right? We all know what happens behind closed doors after the kids are asleep.

Why should Reese and Jake be different than other couples in love?

This is why we'd like to give Ms. Witherspoon some advice:

Your kids are no longer babies. They are inquisitive and perceptive little beings. They've already coped with some difficult experiences and awkward transitions.

Like most single moms, we're sure that you've done your very best to shield them from your divorce drama. Likely, you've romantically dated or "publicity" dated other men. Of course, you've kept this casual dating separate from your kids.

Happily, things are different now. Jake is an important, fulfilling part of your life. Likely, both of your kids adore him. You're in love and we're thrilled for you.

When kids sense change -- especially after they've experienced "bad change" such as a parents' divorce, their natural curiosity intensifies. This is why we are going to give you the same advice that we offer other single moms who are having sex when their kids are home.

Create a "kid-free zone" in your home where you can freely make love without any possibility of unexpected kid visits. If your kids are used to sleeping with you or coming into your bed at night, you might need to revise your night-time routines. For now, your bedroom may not work as the "kid-free zone."

Wherever that "kid-free space" might be, you need a lock on your door. Yes, you heard us correctly: a lock.

It doesn't have to be anything elaborate -- just a simple lock to insure that your kids don't interrupt your private time with Jake, or, even worse, inadvertently walk in on you two.

You will be very thankful for making sure that you have your privacy now, early on.

What do you think, moms? How many of you have locks on your doors?

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Hollywood PR March 19, 2009, 7:20 AM

Reese Witherspoon is a bad example, her “relationship” with Jake Gyllenhaal exists only in made up tabloid stories (“Jake movies in!” Yeah, right. LOL) and endless shopping photo ops.

Kgdmtpyx June 30, 2009, 3:10 PM

p0VcaY comment4 ,

Allayna May 21, 2011, 6:05 PM

Hey, good to find smeoone who agrees with me. GMTA.

Jodecy May 22, 2011, 12:43 PM

Great thinking! That raelly breaks the mold!

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