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Birth on a Plane?! Try a Car!

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Dr. Sophia Grant: The story last week about the woman who birthed on the plane made me experience my own birthing flashback. My sister delivered my baby. This story would make sense if she were a doctor.

Car Birth
Around 11 o'clock PM, I started to contract every 15 minutes. I notified my doctor and he told me to wait until I contracted every 5 minutes. Reasonable, since I was contracting every 5 minutes with my second child for 19 hours.

At 4:15 AM, I had 2 contractions, 5 minutes apart. My husband, Dale notified the doctor and then called my mother. We decided that my family would accompany me to the hospital. Dale would drop off the kids at school later and then swing by the hospital.

About 100 yards into the journey, I felt the excruciating separation of my pelvis. My brother heard my moans and floored it. I screamed, "BABY COMIN'!" My sister tore off my clothes. Forty-five seconds later, I felt another contraction, a small squirt of water and my baby's head on my hand.

Moments seemed like an eternity, yet we arrived. I thought, "We made it", only to have that second of fleeting calm interrupted by the intense pressure. Again, I screamed "BABY COMIN'!" My sister yelled, "What should I do?" I responded, "Catch the baby!" Just then, she flew out in the waiting arms of her auntie. We wrapped her in my mother's Gap sweater, tied the cord with a shoelace and I even gave the Apgar score.

Just then, the hospital labor & delivery staff arrived. I stepped out of the car, holding my child, umbilical cord still hanging out and pants at my ankles.

Shock soon followed for me. I imagine the plane lady experienced some type of dissociation that caused her to discard her child. How she birthed without other passengers knowing, I don't know.

Elapsed time between first 5-minute contraction and delivery: 23 minutes
Epidural: 0 Days to return home and start doing laundry: 2
Birth of my baby girl: Priceless

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