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I Will Boycott OctoMom Reality Show!

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Here's why I WON'T tune in.

nadya suleman on tv behind a disgusted woman

Diane Mizota: I will not be watching any OctoMom reality show. Don't get me wrong, I am a dirty reality TV whore. It's my total guilty pleasure, and the dirtier the better as far as I'm concerned. As soon as my toddler is asleep, there's nothing I love more than sitting down for some sweet, sweet lovin' with my favorite cast of reality characters. Aubrey from "Making the Band"? Heidi and Spencer? Tom Colicchio, the Bachelor and Bret Michaels? Come to Mama. Reality TV is a warm, welcoming bath for my brain where I can escape into crazyland for an hour or two. There are no diapers on "Flavor of Love." At least not children's.

Seeing the circus that is OctoMom's life wouldn't entertain me, it would just make me sad. I already can't escape her tragic dance with the media, so why would I want to watch a show where she milks her 15 minutes at the expense of her already neglected kids? They have no say in the matter, and their exploitation for money and fame is just repulsive. I don't want to feel responsible for the years of therapy that could be waiting down the line for them. If I wanted to see something tragic and depressing, I'd just look at my stock portfolio after putting my son to bed.

Momlogic came up with 8 reality show ideas for OctoMom. Here's another: How about a competition to find adoptive parents for her babies? Can't you just see it now? "Who Wants to Adopt an Octokid?" Oh, I'm sure the folks at Fox and VH1 are already ahead of me on this ... but hey, if those kids end up with loving parents who provide for them and don't parade them around freak show circus style, then I think we could be onto something ...

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