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'Bachelor' Host: Melissa Was Not Blind-Sided

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Host of "The Bachelor" Chris Harrison spills the beans to Ellen DeGeneres today!

Chris Harrison tells Ellen that everything was fine between Melissa and Jason before the holidays. But after the holidays, it was over! And get this -- he says Melissa was NOT blind-sided! If you are a "Bachelor" fan, you won't want to miss today's "Ellen"!

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Jennifer March 4, 2009, 4:04 PM

Ok I think if he was confused then dont ask for her hand in marriage! That was very wrong! However, thank god he didn’t marry this poor girl then break her heart and give her a divorce on her hands. I saw that he and molly was in love. Just the way the 2 of them looked at eachother! I thought she molly was the right one for him. I think he wanted melissa because of her looks! Look how much her and Deanna lookes alike! he loves woman with dark hair. He used melissa as his Dolly for weeks and then let her go! that was mean! but he did love molly. Molly should have won. Its sad melissa was used the way she was but at least he let her go. she is beautiful and will find much better.

Melissa C March 4, 2009, 11:45 PM

Melissa knew there were some trouble they needed to work out…and YES I do feel she was blind sided on how he ended it with her. Jason is a jerk. The show is only trying to save there show and not look bad….thats the bottom line on that. I really feel Melissa didnt know he was going to break it off with her, and go to Molly…Just my thoughts…

tim March 5, 2009, 12:20 AM

He should’ve just handed Mel the rose. No one said he actually had to propose, at that time!! Stay strong Mel, we love you.

april March 6, 2009, 10:24 AM

Okay so now he’s trying to do damage control because so many people are going to stop watching the show. It doesn’t matter that if she wasn’t “blindsided”. It was the tacky way Molly was paraded on set after the shocking revelation. If the show really wanted to have respect for the couples involved they wouldn’t have aired it but the exploitation of it was just too juicy for the show to pass up. I hate the bachelor show and in my family that means at least 10 households which have crossed it off it’s “watchlist” as well as those that we know. Your show has no integrity and you can’t separate yourself from it. Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.

Missy March 6, 2009, 2:10 PM

People need to get over this, my gosh it is between the 3 of them. I am glad he did what he did at least he did not stay with Melissa and then a few years down the road they would both regret it.

Monica March 6, 2009, 2:48 PM

I think it was wrong of Jason to propose but we have to remember this is all over before we actually see it on TV. They have had time to spend together and as said before thank goodness he realized his mistake before it went any further.

Bea March 6, 2009, 3:51 PM

The Bachelor is a completely contrived environment. I think Jason went through with it with good intentions. I doubt he meant to hurt anyone, but that’s the way the show is set up. In fact, most of the “engagements” resulting from that show wind up broken anyway. In retrospect, I’m sure he wished he hadn’t proposed to Melissa, but I wouldn’t expect him to marry her and live with her forever when his heart wasn’t in it—that’s not fair to anyone. Jason did the right thing, as did what’s-his-face Womack who didn’t propose to either of the two finalists.

Joan March 6, 2009, 4:03 PM

I think everyone needs to take a step back.

Jason is human and makes mistakes like the rest of us. We all have had relationships where we break up with someone after a short period – no biggie. However, just because Jason had to share that with the world, it should not make him out to be a nasty person.

As Molly said in an interview, people are forgetting that they are real people and not Actors. This is their life.

This is a TV show and Jason was under contract to do certain things for the show. Melissa also signed up for that as well – to display this relationship on TV. She knew what was coming and honestly, whether she knew it was because he had feelings for Molly or not would not have had made a difference.

Jason, you did the right thing – Molly and you make a great couple. I wish you both the best in your relationship and hope you get that “Happy Ever After” fairytale ending with each other forever!

Hang in there – this will all blow over when “something more juicy” comes up!

Karleen March 6, 2009, 4:41 PM

He did the right thing by breaking it off and I’m sure it wasn’t his choice to do it live on TV. I’m sure with his contract with the show he probably had to do it their way. She knew before the show. You could tell when she came out by her body language towards Jason. He should never have proposed but he saw the mistake and broke it off and asked the right woman for a second chance. Let them live their lives and move on.

jackie March 6, 2009, 5:39 PM

Melissa did know thats why she wasnt wearing the ring ,,,, when she walk to the chair to talk with jason the first thing that i looked was her hand and she didnt have the ring … she have the ring in her hand but not in her finger so come on people,,,, everybody make mistakes at least it was now and no after they got married….

Wendy Eckert March 6, 2009, 7:02 PM

I am not upset with Jason as much about ending things with Melissa, as I am about having the poor taste to go after Molly right then and there. Wait till after the show man, show some class. Poor Melissa had to deal with the fact that Jason didn’t want her, but to humiliate her on top of that by going after Molly on national TV was appalling.

Anonymous March 14, 2009, 11:35 PM

He New what he was Doing, He wanted to do what Deanna did to him, Only thing he did it 10 times bad.. He made Deanna Look like good lol.

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