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Bye Bye Denise Richards!

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Diane Mizota: Despite having one of the lowest judges' scores EVER, Steve Wozniak was spared right off the bat in the "Dancing with the Stars" elimination show, so let us now rejoice that he will worm another day! A Barbie Ballroom dance-off then ensued between Holly Madison and Denise Richards, who both improved upon their previous performances, but ultimately it wasn't enough to save Denise from the fate of her sad sack Samba. Here are some farewell thoughts for Ms. Richards.

Denise Richards

Dear Denise,

Did you have fun? I can't tell. But I'm guessing ... not so much. I know it must be hard. You're a single mom who could use a career boost. You probably know that people aren't really rooting for you. There was the messy divorce, the sleeping with your best friend's husband, the E! reality show. It's written all over your face every time you speak that you hope people will like you, but don't really believe that they will. Combine that with pressure from your "people" to make it far in this competition so that they can cash their checks, and I get it, it must feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders when you dance.

Unfortunately, that's also the way it looked.

I just wish someone would have told you ... this show isn't just about dancing, it's supposed to be fun. Even if it is serious business to jump start one's career, you can't let the audience feel that.

So goodbye Ms. Richards, you leave this competition a wasted opportunity, and I almost feel sorry for you ... Almost.

Except I'm too busy rooting for Steve Wozniak and his pink boa ...

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Georgia March 25, 2009, 1:22 PM

OMG, I totally agree with you! My husband thinks it’s ridiculous that Steve Wozniak is still around…but just like Chloris Leachman and George Hamilton before her, we need the comic relief from stars who’s enthusiasm is so damn infectious!

Jessi March 25, 2009, 6:21 PM

Ewwww! Woz looks like Chewbaca trying to mate…..not good! But seriously Denise…….what happened…..for a “sex symbol” you move like a half frozen fish…that goes for Holly too. Well I guess that you were bless with coordination in addition to a great figure…there IS justice.

pat March 26, 2009, 5:15 PM

i like she cutie i would like to do her yes i would

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