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Draw On Your Bra

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Need to express your creativity? Do it on your underwear!


Looking around for a fun craft you can share with your teen? The inventors of Doodle Bra have an idea. Grab some colorful washable markers and make like Picasso all over an "over the shoulder boulder holder". The latest bra invention comes with a white bra and non-toxic washable markers, custom designer stencils, and an Idea Booklet all for $9.98.

The goal of arts and crafting your underwear, claims the Doodle Bra packaging, "is to provide a multipurpose product for girls and young women that inspire creativity" and "provide the customer the ability to design this garment to match their existing outfits without having to purchase separate items." Huh?

Remarkably, on the Doodle Bra website, there is not one example of Doodle Bra creation. That's because to show anyone their masterpiece your daughter is going to have to whip off her top. Yike. Isn't that something we're trying to avoid?

Check out these other bizarre bra inventions:

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Weekends Off March 6, 2009, 11:55 AM

Oh great. As if it weren’t bad enough that we’d have to see all of the g-strings from low ride jeans now we have to see bras. You know once decorated everyones gonna want to show them and unfortunatly not all bodys are cut out for such a display.

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