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Drink Up! You'll Live Longer

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Forget about giving up that blessed glass or two of wine at the end of the day. Keep on drinking -- it could help you live longer.

woman drinking

According to Dr. Malcolm Lloyd, a Johns Hopkins and Dartmouth-trained physician and former pharmaceutical clinical researcher, the health benefits of daily drinking are noticeable. "A lot of research shows that people who drink moderately flat-out live longer than those who don't," Lloyd tells the NY Post.

"From the prevention of the common cold to the pre-vention of the onset of Alzheimer's to preventing certain types of cancer, regular drinking can be very beneficial."

Whereas most research has focused on the benefits of wine, red in particular, he says that spirits can provide the same boon.

Lloyd notes that "moderation" means one to two drinks a day for women and one to three drinks a day for men. But don't use that as an excuse to overindulge, says Lloyd, as "the positive effects start going in the other direction" once those numbers are exceeded.

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Anonymous March 15, 2009, 10:27 PM

as a memeber of Mormon, there’s no alchohol at all. We drink bubble grape juice on special occasions. So nobody would ever get drunk. :D

ashley March 16, 2009, 8:34 AM

Seeing as how I have a few cocktails every night, this is good news to me. But, didn’t you run an article about a month ago stating that alcohol actually contributes to alzheimers??

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