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Misty Cummings' Haleigh Story Shaky

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Misty Cummings has not been ruled out as a suspect in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.

The story at first seemed tragically straightforward: Misty Crosling awoke in the middle of the night and discovered Haleigh, the daughter of her boyfriend Ron Cummings, was missing. After trying to find little Haleigh, she called 911.

That was over a month ago and as the story continues to unfold, there are many inconsistencies in Misty's story. From what Haleigh was wearing to the order of events that fateful night, Misty can't seem to keep her story straight. Although 17-year-old Misty is now a married woman -- tying the knot with Haleigh's father last week -- she is still barely an adult and many attribute her ever-changing time line to nervousness and immaturity. Whatever the reasons, the question has become: was Misty even home at the time of Haleigh's disappearance?

Misty told authorities that she put both Haleigh and the girl's younger brother to bed at about 8 PM. Then, around 3 AM, she got up to go to the bathroom. That's when she noticed Haleigh was missing. Contradicting this story are tips received by the Putman County Sheriff's Office alleging Misty was not home at the time of Haleigh's disappearance.

Standing in front of the courthouse where she and Cummings obtained their marriage license, Misty told reporters she had passed a polygraph test. "I passed my lie detector test. I was home," said a confident Misty. Weeks earlier, Ron Cummings also told reporters that he and Misty had passed their lie detector tests with "flying colors." But according to attorney Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, it is unlikely the results of her polygraph test would be released until after the investigation had been finalized.

Furthermore, says Sax, the idea that a polygraph is pass or fail is a common misconception. "Misty Cummings might have answered truthfully when asked if she was actually responsible for Haleigh's disappearance or if she killed her, but we don't know what questions were asked," she says.

Do you think Misty Cummings is telling everything she knows about Haleigh's disappearance?

Listen to Misty Cummings' 911 call:

If you have seen Haleigh, or know anything about her disappearance, call 911 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 277-TIPS (8477).

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P. Shorder April 2, 2009, 12:15 PM

My 1st Blog, Momlogic, I’ve read all the comments. It seems we all forget the Sheriff’s office or whoever is putting this timeline together, is way ahead of us. We all watch the CSI remember the cops are allowed to lie to get information. It seems we all have put together some sort of logical, rational reason. In cases like this nothing is logical or rational, I agree that Ron& Misty are covering things up. the timeline from 10 to 3 diffinately has a lot of pin holes, I’m sure the authorities have filled in a lot , that we dont know reading between the lines of all Misty has said.
They know more about what was going on there then we will probably ever know ( not enough to bring Misty on charges, she is still a minor I’m sure drugs have a lot to do with this case. The waiting to call was certainly giving Ron & Misty time to go through the house and clear all out. So they think. About Ron’s marriage: had more to do with him being charged with stat rape of a minor. We all can look in the faces of the 2 women and see fear of Ron, He only likes young girls cause of the control, a girl like Misty with no real place to live, she’s lived on the streets sinces she was 13?? She isnt book smart, but she thinks she street smart. Don’t tell me that everyone in the family doesnt know what was going on that weekend, if Misty was gone, Ron missed work, Misty coming back after being with another man, Wow I sure wouldn’t want to come back to Ron knowing his temper if they hadnt bonded in some manner after Haleigh went missing ( or what ever happened to her) they are both envlved in the (story of what happened easy for Ron to say I dont know I was at work. I also am picking up from this blog, not
It seems it is asumed that Haleigh went to school 1/2 day ?? Went mornings, Dad was home when she got home from school. So I agree out time line could be as early as 12:30 P.M., As far as Ron’s Grandma, stopping by, she was probably checking up for Ron/// Have you seen her ?? She pretty heavy I can see her just pulling and Misty talking to her telling her that Haleigh & Jr. were in the tub . I can see that lady not even getting out of her car. so that get’s our timeline back to when Ron went to work ( at what time how close does he work that he gets home in 15 min. What was the excuse he used in missing work those 2 days when Misty was gone ( with whoever ) those days.
This would allow for alot of laundry a messy trailer, A/C man to be their I dont care what Ron says as soon as he leaves the home I would you would open that back door if I were doing laundry. Would even sit out back talking to whoever was there. They may have wanted to use the bathroom and unlocked the fron door or taken her then. It just doesnt add up we all can agree on that!!!

P.S. April 2, 2009, 12:34 PM

continued: not even getting out of the car. Did she really see haleigh ?? she says she was tere at the time they ( the kids) would have been getting their baths. just another timeline question. If the A/C guy or Grandmother never really saw Haleigh, this does move the timeline of her missing to earlier in the day.

Carolyn April 14, 2009, 10:38 AM

Here’s what I Heard!
Misty was sleeping with both kids..then,
No-just with JR and Haleigh was in the bed next to them, only 3-4 feet away..
Misty woke up around 3 am to go to the bathroom-with no lights on..there’s a bathroom right there IN the bedroom but she left the dark room, went to the other bathroom in the house, at which time she saw a light in the kitchen..(cause you can’t see the kitchen from the bedroom)..went to investigate, then came back to the dark room to find Haleigh missing! Pffft! Lie, lie, lie! I would believe the part about her not hearing anything..have you ever tried to wake someone who is on drugs?
Fishy, fishy story.

Robert April 15, 2009, 1:37 AM

Mother setup parental kidnapp. Perps did not get the son. Mothers only shot at any thing is proving unfit and abusive father to get away with her plan.

Myrna April 15, 2009, 4:13 PM

Do you all remember the first appearance when Misty and Ron were interviewed? Both their eys were very closed, both of them. They looked like they were both on drugs. Also, the marriage is to prevent them from statutory rape charges. They married to prevent jail charges. Also both have been in troublwe withj the law but not charged???I think this is a classic case of child neglect by Misty while she parties while Ron working

itblinda April 19, 2009, 1:32 PM

Okay.. This is just a theory and it could be reaching. Ron had a fight over drugs with someone earlier that night and a gun was involved. Threats were made. Ron had to go to work so he put Misty on guard to protect the kids due to the threats made earlier. Why else would the kids be sleeping in her bedroom that night? Misty is such a spineless jellyfish that when the guy came back she freaked out and he took Haleigh with her knowledge because she was scared of him. He might’ve even raped Misty before he left, who knows. Abused women are intimated by bullies. Which explains the grief-stricken sorry guilty frightened look on her face now and the fact that Ron said things like “Why’d you let someone take her?” and “I’ll kill him for taking her,” etc. She then posed the crime scene to appear as a kidnapping and has been trying to hide the truth ever since.

toni April 20, 2009, 11:13 AM

im sorry but i believr haleigh is dead noone has told the truth and its time someone speaks out my god its been two months misty talk already you no alot more to this story please for haleighs sake talk

Jeri April 27, 2009, 2:21 PM

Haleigh had a medical problem. Missed alot of school. I think,at 17, Misty just got fed up with taking care of a sick child and had help getting rid of her. I also think Ron was the one who helped her.

dan April 27, 2009, 10:37 PM

Have we been wrongly concerned all along about the inconsistencies of Misty Croslin’s stories, while we gave a pass to Crystal Sheffield? Back on February 23rd, we first heard about Haleigh’s younger brother being able to identify her abductor. Back then, Joe, Misty’s cousin from Tennessee, was the real person of interest. Connie and Crystal Sheffield were the first to comment that a man in black took her. Were they lying all along?

Times have changed. Today, Greg thanks to the custody shenanigans of Crystal has become the real person of interest.

Kim Picazio, Attorney pro bono For Crystal Sheffield got William “Cobra” Stoubs, Bounty Hunter, to allegedly snoop around doing what the police were totally unable to do: Turned up a mystery person of interest called Greg who has all the answers about what happened to Haleigh. But, as it turns out:

“Ron Cummings` lawyers were the first to release the full name of somebody [that] they claim they were told the authorities might be interested in contacting. They said, quote, ‘This office received information on March 25th, 2009 from an individual employed by a client of ours identifying Gregory Lewis Page as someone the police would be interested in contacting.’”

Perhaps, you also did not immediately get the “real” connection Greg had to Haleigh?

Crystal Sheffield: “And I asked him about it. And I was like, what about the black — the person dressed in black. He said it was a black man dressed in black and he had squeaky shoes, and the couch was bouncing. And that`s just what he told me. And I`m not lying, and I have no reason to lie.”

Could it be that the dallying connection was not originally apparent because Haleigh’s mother never quite said it that way before?

I was always: “When I seen him on my visitation, all he said was, I want to find my sissy, and he said something about somebody in black took her.”

And, …

“Yes. He — when I got him for my visitation, the first thing he said to me was, Mommy, I want to find my sissy. And he — I didn`t question him about none of it. And he was, like, Somebody come in, they was all dressed in black, and took my sissy.”

Now in the mist of a custody battle and a clear motive, the inconsistencies with Crystal Sheffield’s stories are becoming more apparent.

That could be why Ronald Cummings said that: “This is some of the garbage that Crystal, the mother, has made up.”

Yet according to Corba:

“Ron was convinced now, beyond any question of doubt, that she was not there. She wasn`t home, bro. She was out (EXPLETIVE DELETED) very possibly with (EXPLETIVE DELETED) again.”

“They claim she coached Haleigh`s little brother into saying he saw a man in black take her. But wouldn`t they want any lead to be taken seriously?”

Who do you believe?

Why would Greg, who has a drug rap sheet as long as Haleigh’s father has, conspire along with Misty to take Haleigh in revenge for a drug deal that went bad? Looks like Greg was just as much a drug informant, as Ronald was. So, where is there a drug supply connection? Was the breakthrough reported back in February about Haleigh being taken by a man in black a total fabrication of Crystal Sheffield? Why would Ronald’s own lawyers bring up Greg, if he had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance? What is the “real” connection that Greg had with Haleigh?

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