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Misty Cummings' Haleigh Story Shaky

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Misty Cummings has not been ruled out as a suspect in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.

The story at first seemed tragically straightforward: Misty Crosling awoke in the middle of the night and discovered Haleigh, the daughter of her boyfriend Ron Cummings, was missing. After trying to find little Haleigh, she called 911.

That was over a month ago and as the story continues to unfold, there are many inconsistencies in Misty's story. From what Haleigh was wearing to the order of events that fateful night, Misty can't seem to keep her story straight. Although 17-year-old Misty is now a married woman -- tying the knot with Haleigh's father last week -- she is still barely an adult and many attribute her ever-changing time line to nervousness and immaturity. Whatever the reasons, the question has become: was Misty even home at the time of Haleigh's disappearance?

Misty told authorities that she put both Haleigh and the girl's younger brother to bed at about 8 PM.  Then, around 3 AM, she got up to go to the bathroom. That's when she noticed Haleigh was missing. Contradicting this story are tips received by the Putman County Sheriff's Office alleging Misty was not home at the time of Haleigh's disappearance.

Standing in front of the courthouse where she and Cummings obtained their marriage license, Misty told reporters she had passed a polygraph test. "I passed my lie detector test. I was home," said a confident Misty. Weeks earlier, Ron Cummings also told reporters that he and Misty had passed their lie detector tests with "flying colors." But according to attorney Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, it is unlikely the results of her polygraph test would be released until after the investigation had been finalized.

Furthermore, says Sax, the idea that a polygraph is pass or fail is a common misconception.  "Misty Cummings might have answered truthfully when asked if she was actually responsible for Haleigh's disappearance or if she killed her, but we don't know what questions were asked," she says.

Do you think Misty Cummings is telling everything she knows about Haleigh's disappearance?

Listen to Misty Cummings' 911 call:


If you have seen Haleigh, or know anything about her disappearance, call 911 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 277-TIPS (8477).

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Corey August 27, 2009, 5:34 PM

These two, “Ron and Misty” are strung out on drugs. Everytime I see them in a news reel they are sucking on Marlboro’s like there’s no tomorrow. (They so trashy they don’t even realize how badly it reflects on them when they chain smoke on camera!)
That poor kid didn’t have a choice of who her parents/guardians would be…too bad they turned out to be a 25 year old criminal and a 17 year old drug addict. It’s sadly ironic that the demographic who has the most children are trailor trash welfare abusers like these people.

Amanda August 28, 2009, 1:06 AM

Ron killed her in a rage and Misty is covering for him…..PERIOD!

Misty lied on the 911 call…OUR DAUGHTER?

Ron told the POLICE on the ORIGINAL 911 “If I find this m’fer before you do I will KILL HIM I DON’T EVEN CARE AND I AM NOT KIDDING!” So, let’s see…he admits he can and will kill and not care, even to the police he admits this PROUDLY and LOUDLY. He assumes she was taken immediately? As a mom I might first think she wandered in her sleep, went outside, or was asleep under the bed….now tonight Ron says he tore the house apart THEN CALLED? I thought she met him in the driveway? Ron killed her…MARK MY WORDS and Misty is covering for him out of love and FEAR! He has her scared now that if she tells on him she will go down with him as an accomplice..Ron will let her take the fall too…watch and see. Ron killed her BEFORE HE WENT TO was his alabi and that is why Misty wasn’t home that night…she went to dispose of Haleigh. Did they ever correct the operator about being husband and wife? or that it was NOT her daughter? LIES FROM THE GET!

i am baddkitty August 28, 2009, 4:56 AM

i could be wrong, but it sounded as though she said we just woke up and can’t find our daughter

i am baddkitty August 28, 2009, 5:02 AM

the heck with i could be wrong. that chick said to the operator, WE just woke up and WE can’t find our daughter. if he just got there why would she say we. and has anybody noticed how hard she had to try to squeeze that single tear from her eye

Kate August 31, 2009, 10:32 PM

Amanda is right on!

christina September 1, 2009, 1:29 PM

I can’t even follow this story any longer because it makes my insides boil. It’s disgusting. The biological Mother AND Father should be in JAIL! as a mother the father is lying next to someone everynight that failed a poly and may be able to find his child? I would have already been in jail for murder charges after I choked her. and the mother/ LOSER! I am a single mother and there is no excuse!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING! I so feel for this poor child that never had a chance.

levychandra September 22, 2009, 1:51 AM

i believe the hubby and wife were involved in killing this baby. hubby prob killed baby he likes kids his first wife was a kid. control and a pedifile spirit is strong as gf gets older less control he has. when a person likes kids a woman will not do which is prob why they weren’t already married. marroage prob to give people one less thing to focus on him being with a minor since mom says she was a minor abused and forced to give up children. little girl prob wet herself in bed bc he could have been molesting her. he calls his gf B***ch and names just as wife says. he assults brother recently and brings back up to force Misty wife whom refused to go home. he didn’t want her telling mom and she is about to break since media is on her. he married her to keep her close to threaten. he called her step brother to possibly set him up by getting him to go over there defense could bring reasonable doubt since he was there during timeline that they set. phone records prove Ron called and no one even mentioned it and now he has a answer after seven months for it.He prob threatened her brother by saying they would say it was him and Misty may claim he raped her as child so keep his mouth shut! timing sugest he told her parents and just before they distance themselves and Ron try to force wife to come home.Ron try to act as if he want person convicted but when Nancy asks him questions on her suspicion he say “she was absolutly at home”; why did she wait on you to call cops and he had an answer “she wakes up close to time i come home”, his mothers is now speaking on Misty defense not the grandchild, says Misty brother not to be believed phone records show call took place, It is her son and daughter who confirms Misty would have been woke at time, Why is mother speaking on Misty behalf now suspicion is coming home. Because misty will break and tell everything and her son prob killed that baby prior to work disposed of body, went to work for alibi and cooked up story for Misty to stick to, then called brother to go check on her around 10pm when from very beginning tips said she was not at home and on 3 day drug binge leading up to time. But now his mother gives Misty an alibo saying She was with her day before and until evening missing child went missing and was also talking to her son extensive time period. She is a lier and know her son killed that baby that’s why she defending Misty if he didn’t she would throw Misty to the wolves and her son throw the dirt on her.

krystal February 3, 2010, 7:42 PM

gee i was right about the drug dealers and some other things misty is gonna get the beating of her life in genral than matybe she will come out where haliegh is

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