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I LOVE "Dancing with the Stars"!

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Diane Mizota: Oh "Dancing with the Stars" ... I can't quit you. After being tempted to erase you from my overcrowded DVR, you reel me back in. Injuries abound! Last-minute replacements! "Dancing" Nerds! And ... I'm back.

dancing with the stars steve wozniak steve-o holly madison

I do have a fledgling theory that the key to survival on this season will be to have an injury. First, Steve-O escaped elimination after not even performing because of a last-minute back injury. Then Steve Wozniak quick-stepped on a fractured foot in the elimination dance-off, ignited the crowd and had a completely endearing post-interview. So that left injury-free Belinda Carlisle to be the first celebrity axed from the show.

I'm not saying that it was unwarranted, but let's face it, Belinda Carlisle got the short end of the partner stick. Jonathan's choreography hung her out to dry, quite literally. She ended her salsa in a handstand with her skirt around her neck and her turquoise granny panties being the last image America sees of her ... Yikes. As a partner and choreographer, you just don't do that. Ever. No woman over 50 needs to be associated with, "I see London, I see France ..."

Everyone loves front-runner Melissa, and rightfully so, she deserves a little love after getting shafted by that Bachelor dude, but you know, she is a professional dancer. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader? I like her, I just wonder if she can ride the spurned Bachelorette wave all season. DWTS is not just about dancing, it's also about growth and entertainment. Just look at Steve-O and Steve Wozniak, who in my humble opinion are the best reasons for watching this season. It's charming and heart-warming to see people step out of their comfort zone and apply themselves to something so foreign. That's the magic of this show. (That and watching skinny, well-endowed, playmates look like newborn gazelles in heels.) So, what else is in store for Melissa? You know the evil geniuses at ABC are just salivating to have her dance with Bachelor Jason and replacement girlfriend Molly clapping in the front row. That would be great TV, wouldn't it? Don't think it won't happen. Stay tuned.

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Jessi March 23, 2009, 6:02 PM

I AM WITH YOU! Can’t leave the couch… to a nice glass of wine…..this is the first thing I reach for after my 6 kids are asleep! Love it love it love it