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Six Idiotic Ad Campaigns Aimed at Women

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Are ad men responsible for these misguided adverts targeted to women?

Selling to women is big business. Companies spend millions of dollars a year coming up with ad campaigns to solely to lure feminine dollars. But take a look at these six ads and tell us if you think it's money well spent. WTF were they thinking?!

1) Nova Schin Non-alcoholic beer: The Ultimate Beer Belly?
Remember those days when you were six months pregnant and all you wanted to do was relax, slip into your gold sequin bra and throw back a non-alcoholic beer? OK, neither do we.


2) Skechers: Pornographic Shoes
There's nothing more persuasive to get a woman to buy new kicks than a scantily clad nurse, lesbian overtones and a giant hypodermic needle. Come on girls! Let's go shoe shopping!


3) Exact Home Pregnancy Kit: Can You Stick YOUR Head in Your Hoo-Ha?
From what we understand this ad is telling us their product is so accurate the only way you're going to get more precise results is by sticking your head up your vaj-jay-jay. We think someone at Exact had their head up their ass.


4) Garmastan Nipple Cream: Titty Twister
An ad for nipple ointment demonstrates -- in excruciating detail -- just how painful breastfeeding can be. The print ad features two pages glued together. Once you rip apart the pages the baby's mouth tears off mom's nipple. Ouuuuchh!


5) Johnson and Johnson Tampons: A Bloody Bad Ad
Tampon advertising in general are pretty icky. It's hard to make an appealing ad that has to include the word "absorbent." But that said, who thought a vampire sporting tampons as teeth would make women want to run out and buy tampons? Scary.


6) Better Than a Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick?
This ad copy for this a bus shelter kiosk billboard seems to be written by a man who has never, never, ever met, talked, or even seen a pregnant woman.


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