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Lee Says Casey's Yahoo Password Offers Clues

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During his deposition in the Zenaida Gonzalez defamation suit, Casey Anthony's brother spins a whole new story about Caylee's disappearance. 

The trial of Casey Anthony is not due to start until October, but thanks to the defamation case of Zenaida Gonzalez, we've been allowed a sneak peek at the probable defense strategy that will be used by Jose Baez, Casey's attorney.

Lee Anthony, overly relaxed and giggling inappropriately, answered three hours of pointed questions. He still maintains that a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez -- not the one suing his sister -- is responsible for the disappearance of his niece. According to Lee, Casey told him the true story of Caylee's abduction when she was bailed out of jail back in August.

Casey brought Caylee to Blanchard Park, Lee explained, to deliver her to Zenaida for the day. Zenaida was there with her sister and her two children. Zenaida suddenly grabbed Casey's arm and told her she was going to take take Caylee to teach Casey "a lesson." Lee states in the deposition that Casey never explained to him what the "lesson" was.

Remarkably, says Lee, Zenaida was able to take Caylee by simply threatening harm to Casey's family. She didn't have a gun or use any other means of force. Casey was so stunned, according to Lee, that she simply let Zenaida and her sister put Caylee in a car and drive away.

That's where Casey's passwords come in. According to Lee, Zenaida switched all of Casey's Internet passwords to timer55. The password, according to Lee, is significant. Zenaida Gonzalez allegedly said the password denoted how many days until Casey would be reunited with her daughter. And here, says Lee, is the "creepy" part: "If you count 55 days," says Lee with a straight face, "from June 15, (the date of Caylee's alleged abduction) you get August 9, and that's Caylee's birthday." OK Lee you lost us on that one. And here's yet another brain teaser: Thoughout Caylee's disapearance, Lee says Zenaida would phone Casey up and instruct her to show up at different places, such as Target. 

Could Lee possibly believe anything he's saying?

Sgt. Carlos Padilla of the Orange County Sheriff's Office thinks not, "At this point they [the Anthonys] are just making things up. Every time they open their mouth, it's something different." But Lee remains steadfast in his conviction. "To this day," says the loyal brother, "I believe everything my sister tells me."

Do YOU believe anything Lee says?

In this excerpt from Lee Anthony's deposition, he explains how Caylee was kidnapped:

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Tricia January 31, 2011, 7:52 PM

Does Lee not realize that if Zanaida changed Casey’s password than it would be linked back to her through records of myspace and/or facebook of the IP address that changed password? duhh

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